The attitude of triumph - Part 2

Dr. Roberto Miranda
(Audio: Spanish)

SUMMARY: The sermon discusses the elements of a successful life and uses Deuteronomy 28 as a starting point. The passage outlines the blessings that God promises to his obedient people, including prosperity in the city and country, victory over enemies, and abundance in all aspects of life. The preacher emphasizes the importance of having the right attitude and disposition to receive God's blessings and obey his principles. The sermon also includes a testimony from a young woman who shares how God has blessed her life and work as a psychologist serving young people and Hispanics in the community.

Maribel Quiñónez shares her testimony of how God has blessed her life. At the age of 13, she suffered from asthma attacks every day, but her mother refused to take her to a spiritualism center and instead moved to Massachusetts where God healed her asthma. She started tithing at the age of 14 and received a full scholarship to Boston College at 17. She later received scholarships to study at Yale University and to study minority races in China. She also prayed for and received a new house through a lottery. Maribel encourages others to expand their mental field and believe that great blessings can come into their lives. If they have small expectations, they will receive small blessings, but if they have ambitious expectations, God can bless them with greater things.

The first rule of success is to believe in big dreams for the Lord and in the Lord. The second rule is to believe that God is with you and in your favor. God wants to bless us according to our ability to believe in Him. It is important to widen our mental capacity to believe in God's blessings. The Psalm 23 expresses the truth that God is always with us. When we believe that God is with us, we can undertake daring things and have courage. Even successful people feel doubts and fears, but they put them aside and believe that God is with them. The key is to believe that God is in your favor.

The story of David and Goliath in First Samuel 17 is a revealing text with important lessons. David, a little boy inexperienced in war, is anointed by the Lord and sent to bring cheese to his brothers in the Israeli army. There, he learns of a giant who is continually insulting the people of God, and he asks what will be done to the man who defeats him. David is ambitious and wants success, and he is not discouraged by his brothers' insults. When he faces the giant, he speaks positively in the Lord and declares that God is with him. The battles we fight should be fought with God and in God, and we should cultivate a positive mentality of possibility and not of scarcity.

The pastor decided to start an English service in the church after two North American people suggested it. He believes in working with a provision mentality and taking steps of faith and obedience. He encourages others to believe in God's blessings and not give in to doubt or limitations. He ends the sermon by inviting anyone who hasn't given their life to Jesus to do so.

There are several passages in fact, but I want to isolate one, let's say, that can be useful as a starting point for the topic that I want to discuss with you. We could choose many passages, brothers, but, look, we are going to go to Deuteronomy 28, because perhaps it is one that I will not have the opportunity to discuss, but at least I want to plant there in your heart the promise that is in this passage that we serves as a starting point. Because we're talking about what are the elements of a successful life. What are the elements of success?

And I have also called this series of sermons that I began last Sunday "the attitude of success", because I realize more and more as I prepare the topics, that if you don't you have the right attitude, the right predisposition, the right frame of mind, anything, any suggestion that I give you, any principle that I share with you, is going to fall on fertile ground. If your soil is tight and hard, the seed will bounce off the ground. Your land has to be prepared, removed in order to receive the nourishment of the word of God and that land is your attitude. That land is your disposition and if I don't prepare your disposition, your attitude, your frame of mind, then everything else I say is not going to be successful. Success begins here, in the mind and in the will and in the disposition of the human being. And God wants to change our mind and he wants to change our attitude.

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