The attitude of triumph

Dr. Roberto Miranda
(Audio: Spanish)

SUMMARY: The sermon is about the importance of having a vision and being patient in achieving it. The speaker refers to the passage from Abacuk, Chapter 2, which emphasizes the need to conceive a vision, declare it, and wait for it to come to fruition. The speaker shares his own experience of setting goals for the church and persisting until they were achieved. He encourages the congregation to do the same in their personal lives, emphasizing the adaptability and flexibility of human beings. The sermon concludes with the idea that with God's power, anything is possible.

The speaker encourages listeners to set specific goals and expand their mental capacity to believe in what God can do in their lives. He gives examples of areas in life that can be improved, such as weight loss, buying a house, overcoming character flaws, pursuing hobbies or careers, and developing relationships. He emphasizes the importance of thinking big and widening one's mental space to allow for bigger dreams and visions. The speaker uses Isaiah 54:2 as a reference to encourage listeners to enlarge the place of their tent, which represents their mental space. Ultimately, the speaker believes that one must always strive for more and never settle for small goals.

In this sermon, Dr. Roberto Miranda encourages listeners to expand their mental space and capacity to believe in great things from God. He shares personal examples of how he expanded his own capacity to believe and achieve goals beyond what he initially thought was possible. He emphasizes the importance of setting bigger and broader goals and never staying comfortable in one's current level of achievement. Miranda encourages listeners to banish doubt and fear from their vocabulary and trust that God has good purposes for their lives. He concludes by reminding listeners that everything is possible if they can believe.

Not only this Sunday, but in the next Sundays that the Lord allows me to be in the pulpit, I want to start a series of messages, which I have titled "The attitude of triumph." You could also call it “The Elements of Triumph”.

And there in Abacuk, Chapter 2, which is one of my favorite passages when I talk about believing that God can do great things, dreaming great things and setting a vision for your life. The Abacuk Chapter, verse 2 says: “...Jehovah answered me and said, 'Write the vision.'

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