Radical faith that breaks ice

Dr. Roberto Miranda
(Audio: Spanish)

SUMMARY: The sermon focuses on the topic of faith, which is essential for pleasing God. Different people acquire different levels of faith, and it is important to increase one's faith through resources like prayer, fasting, reading the Word of God, serving the Lord, and rubbing shoulders with other people of faith. The sermon then introduces the blind Bartimaeus, who exemplifies the element of faith. The sermon discusses the qualities of faith, including taking risks, overcoming obstacles, acting desperately, being rude and aggressive, doing the improbable, looking for a solution, and taking action. The preacher emphasizes that faith always looks for a solution and that God is always with us. Emotions should not be allowed to take over one's life, and one should live by principles and what the Word of God says.

The speaker discusses the importance of faith and how it can make people hard-working and enterprising. He emphasizes that people of faith should not be controlled by negative emotions or past wounds, but should live by the principles of the Word of God. The speaker encourages people to believe that God is with them and that there is always a way out. He also discusses the nature of the kingdom of God and how people should strive to resemble it. The speaker then delves into a passage from Matthew 11, discussing how the kingdom of heaven is violent in its struggle against the kingdom of darkness.

The Lord came to reconquer what belonged to him and take souls from the devil. The kingdom of heaven proceeds with force and aggressively, and strong, courageous people are the ones that take it. God wants to change our DNA and give us the genetics of the kingdom of heaven. The kingdom of God is like an icebreaker ship that breaks oppositions and advances towards its goal. God wants us to be determined, clear, and defined people who are committed to the kingdom of God. We need to throw off the things that no longer serve us and go after Jesus. We should ask the Lord to conform us to the values of his kingdom and strengthen our spiritual temperament.

The speaker prays for the church to be determined and according to the heart of God, asking for resources to become powerful and evangelistic. They encourage the congregation to receive the word of God and declare it over their lives, asking for transformation and help to live as Christ wants. The speaker declares the word over the church and blesses the congregation.

Let's go to Mark, chapter 10, we're going to go to verses 46 to 52 and, again, we're focusing on the topic of what… what topic are we talking about, shall we see? These days… what topic? Say it all: faith.

OK. I hope, brothers, that through our meditations, through our sermons, that concept of faith and not just a concept, is a dynamic... it is a powerful spiritual principle that is engraved in our hearts. I want you to go meditating. I am trying to be at least a little systematic in what I am teaching, and perhaps some of you will be able to go on the Internet and listen to these sermons again so that it will sink deep into your heart and that you can gradually acquire those knowledge that are so necessary to live a victorious life.

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