Church, rise up and evangelize!

Samuel Acevedo
(Audio: Spanish)

SUMMARY: The sermon focuses on the charge that the Lord gave to Paul when he appeared to him on his way to Damascus, which was to be a witness to his people and the Gentiles, to open their eyes, turn them from darkness to light, from the power of Satan to God, and to receive forgiveness of sins and an inheritance among those who are sanctified by faith in Jesus. The pastor emphasizes that this charge is not only for Paul, but for all Christians and the Church as a whole. The pastor also addresses the debate about the church's role in changing culture versus coexisting with it, and argues that the Gospel is confrontational and that the church is called to evangelize and change the culture to be in tune with the heart of God. The pastor encourages Christians to be witnesses of Jesus Christ and to share their personal experience with Him. The sermon ends with the example of Paul, who never forgot his conversion story and shared it over and over again.

In this sermon, the speaker emphasizes the importance of sharing one's personal story of conversion and salvation, as it cannot be denied by anyone and can be a powerful tool in bringing others to Christ. He also highlights the responsibility of Christians to be a light in the world, to guide others out of darkness and towards the truth of God's word. The speaker warns of the spiritual warfare that Christians face and encourages them to arm themselves with the armor of God, including truth, justice, faith, and the sword of the Spirit. He concludes by reminding the audience that Jesus came to destroy the works of the devil and that through ministries like "Worth the Wait," Christians can work to transform the lives of young people and bring them closer to God.

The speaker talks about the purpose of Jesus coming to destroy the works of the devil and how the church needs to address the enemy of sin to make a difference in its culture. He emphasizes the importance of faith in Jesus Christ to overcome sin and receive an inheritance from God. The speaker encourages those who have not received Christ to do so publicly and prays for them. He also urges the audience to focus on evangelizing a loved one who has not yet received Christ.

Close your eyes and focus on a person you love who is resistant to Jesus Christ. You have the authority to evangelize and bring them to the light. Name them before the Lord and ask the Holy Spirit to pursue them. Believe in the Lord's promise that you and your house will serve Him. Ask the Lord to bring your loved ones to peace, victory, life, and His presence. Trust that the Lord will fulfill His promises.

Chapter 26 in the Book of Acts beginning with verse 14. I don't know your version, I am reading from the old Reina Valera version and the Editors of my Bible begin this Biblical portion with the title: Paul recounts his conversion. How many of us have a Bible that has a title like that? And you will recognize, especially those who have been in the Lord for a while or those who have been reading the Book of Acts, are going to know this story.

This story is told quite a few times in the Book of Acts, and for a reason. And those who don't know her; Paul is on his way to Damascus. At that time I knew him as Saul. He was an enemy of the truth, an enemy of Christians, his mission in life was to end everything that was Christian. He would go to Damascus with letters of authority to arrest, detain, and even throughout the people he arrested and detained, it was understood that these people: men, women, young people, children were going to kill him, they were going to stone him.

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