Dr. Roberto Miranda: General Pastor of the León de Judá Congregation

Dr. Roberto Miranda

Dr. Roberto Miranda has been associated with Congregación León de Judá since its inception in 1982. He has pastored the congregation since 1985. His secular studies include a BA in International Relations from Princeton University, an MA and Ph.D. in Spanish-American Literature from Harvard University.

He was officially ordained as a pastor by the Conservative Baptist Churches of America in 1986. Since that year, he has abandoned his secular career to dedicate himself to the pastorate, and since then he has worked with our congregation full time. Pastor Miranda has received various academic honors throughout his professional career. However, he considers that working as a servant of Jesus Christ is the highest achievement of his entire life. His work with various community agencies, his membership and leadership on various boards of Christian, secular institutions at the local and national levels constitute an extension of the ministry and spiritual vision of our congregation.

Through the years, Dr. Miranda's preaching and teaching ministry has reached congregations in various parts of Latin America, Europe, and the United States. Through the Internet ministry, recordings of his sermons have blessed believers in more than 100 countries. Frequently, Pastor Miranda participates as an invited speaker at congresses and conferences for pastors and lay people in various parts of the world.

Dr. Miranda passed away in 2022, leaving his wife
Mercedes (Meche), two daughters, and three grandchildren.

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