The attitude of triumph (Part 7)

Dr. Roberto Miranda
(Audio: Spanish)

SUMMARY: The writer of Hebrews calls his readers to live a Christian life of integrity and purpose, and gives lessons on how to reach that spiritual, successful life. These teachings can also apply to living a successful life in any aspect. The writer encourages us to let go of excess weight and sin that holds us back, and to run with patience the race ahead of us. Patience is key to success, and we should be persistent, have a long-term vision, make small decisions that become habits, and not be discouraged by failure.

The speaker discusses five elements that lead to success: persistence, long-term vision, small decisions, not being discouraged by failure, and refining and improving little by little. He emphasizes the importance of focusing on Jesus Christ as the center of one's life and having a positive mindset. He also encourages the audience to think about the joy and potential of their efforts rather than the cost or limitations. The speaker shares personal examples of undertaking new things in his ministry and seeing the potential of his efforts. He concludes by saying that success comes from seeing beyond limitations and focusing on the joy that lies ahead.

In order to achieve success in life, one must be disciplined, have a clear vision of their goals, and be willing to pay the price through hard work and sacrifice. One must also be willing to overcome shame and belittle any negative comments or opposition from others. By focusing on the joy and potential of achieving one's goals, and by converting negative energy into positive energy, success can be achieved. Jesus is a model of success, and with him as our guide, we can reach our own goals and live a purposeful life.

This particular four-part message that I have given on Hebrews, Chapter 12, the life by design, the life of success, the abundant life that Christ has declared over us and my encouragement has been to instill in you insight on how to live a productive life. .

In Hebrews, Chapter 12, verses 1 and 2, we have discussed that here the writer of Hebrews calls his readers to a Christian life of integrity and a life that fulfills the purposes of the Gospel . And he gives some lessons on how to reach that spiritual, successful Christian life. But I have told you that there are also some teachings here on how to live a successful life in any aspect of life.

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