The attitude of triumph (Part 6)

Dr. Roberto Miranda
(Audio: Spanish)

SUMMARY: The sermon focuses on Hebrews 12:1-2 and the idea that Christians are called to live a successful and prosperous life. The speaker emphasizes the importance of defining one's goals and vision for the future in order to run the race of life with purpose and intentionality. He encourages the audience to ask themselves questions about their career, relationships, and lifestyle choices in order to align them with their values and vision. The speaker also stresses the need to fix one's eyes on Jesus and to look away from distractions and sin.

The importance of visualizing one's goals and setting a clear, specific, and well-defined vision for one's life is emphasized in this sermon. The ability to see things in 3 dimensions and in color on the screen of the mind is crucial to achieving success in life. The heroes of faith in Hebrews Chapter 11 are cited as examples of people who were able to visualize things that were not yet seen and had faith in them. It is important to take time to reflect and think about what one wants to achieve in life and visualize it as if it has already happened. Speaking positively and greeting the things that God has promised is also encouraged.

The speaker discusses the importance of setting high aspirations and visualizing one's goals in order to achieve them. He emphasizes the need for Christians to focus on Jesus as a source of power and as a model for successful living. He also encourages finding good mentors and being a mentor to others. The speaker encourages young people to invest their time in things that inspire them and to set their sights on positive examples. He ends by blessing the congregation and declaring the birth of new visions in their hearts.

Lord, help us to build a prosperous and blessed town with people like fertile land, ready to bear fruit that blesses others. Give us vision and the ability to believe in great things that you have for us. May we have persistent faith until we reach our goals. We receive your blessing and thank you in the name of Jesus. Amen.

As we are always studying the passage from Hebrews, Chapter 12, verse 1 and 2 and we are going to continue with our meditation that we started a few Sundays ago, we let them know for the brothers who visit us.

We have been thinking about this passage and this series of sermons for several weeks now, we have taken these two verses as a starting point for a series of reflections on the elements that need to be incorporated to one's life to be successful, to reach a goal, to fulfill a purpose, whatever that purpose may be, it can be something small, it can be something big. It could be just graduating from a trade, or it could be graduating as a neurosurgeon, like a young lady who came in very happy this morning, to tell me that she had been accepted to a very exclusive high school, and I encouraged her to keep going, and told her I asked what do you want to be. She told me I want to be a neurosurgeon, and she had difficulty pronouncing the word, but glory to God, but I know it will come. And I told him 'you are going to arrive in the name of the Lord, because you already started the race well and there are links there that you have to reach, but God is going to help you and you are going to reach them.

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