Joel 2:18

Dr. Roberto Miranda
(Audio: Spanish)

SUMMARY: The speaker discusses Joel 2:18 and emphasizes that when God calls us to his ways, it is to bless and prosper us, not to suffer. He encourages listeners to focus on emotional and character healing and to have an active expectation that God wants to bless them in all areas of their life. The speaker also believes in a healing God and encourages preventive health measures, such as visualizing and blessing different parts of the body. The speaker emphasizes the importance of discipline and living an orderly life as well.

The speaker believes that the power of God gives strength and discipline to live an orderly life and develop character. God wants us to use the principles of the Bible to bring order to our lives, not just rely on a magical mentality. God also wants to bless us financially, but there are conditions such as being faithful with tithing and not being stingy with the Lord. Prophetic actions and acts of faith, such as giving to the Lord, can attract God's blessings. The speaker shares a personal example of a financial blessing that came in the most wonderful and easiest way imaginable.

The speaker believes in a God who prospers and blesses those who are upright, faithful, and generous towards Him. He encourages the audience to live a life of integrity, love the Lord passionately, and give generously to Him. He declares that this year will be a year of conquest and that God will bring a blessing to Boston and Massachusetts. The audience is urged to commit to living a life that pleases the Lord and to ask Him for a new anointing and fresh blessings.

Joel, Chapter 2, beginning with verse 18. I wanted to use these times to put a new sensitivity in his spirit, not new, but to reinforce a couple of key elements that should base our search for the Lord in this year 2006 and always too, but I feel that that is where the Lord wants us. The beginning of the year, one is good to start it with a word of encouragement, prepare ourselves for the rest of the year.

Joel 2:18 says: “and the Lord who is solicitous for your land will forgive his people, the Lord will answer and say to his people: behold, I am sending you bread, must (meaning wine) , and oil and you will be satisfied with them and I will never again put you in reproach among the nations.”

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