Prosperity - The still of God

Dr. Roberto Miranda
Dr. Roberto Miranda
(Audio: Spanish)

SUMMARY: The sermon is about how to live a prosperous life as a child of God. Christians need to learn how to use the principles of the Kingdom of God to bring prosperity to all areas of their lives. This includes using their mind and intellect to their fullest potential, as God has given them the mind of Christ. Christians also need to assert their authority in the Kingdom of God and not give the devil a place in their homes or lives. One of the most powerful principles of the Kingdom of God is giving, and when Christians give generously to the Lord, the church, and others, they will prosper and be blessed. The sermon also emphasizes the principle that when one suffers loss or puts themselves at a disadvantage to honor or obey the Lord, God is pleased and promises to bless them. The example of Daniel, a pious young man who refused to eat food sacrificed to Babylonian idols, is given to illustrate this principle.

The sermon discusses the principle of impoverishing oneself to honor and serve God, and how God blesses those who follow this principle. The example of Daniel and his decision not to eat food sacrificed to idols is given, and how God blessed him with wisdom and understanding. The story of Solomon and how he asked for wisdom instead of personal gain is also shared, and how God blessed him with more than he asked for. The practice of tithing and fasting are explained as ways to put oneself at a disadvantage for the glory of God, and how God promises to replace and bless those who do so. The sermon ends with a discussion of Proverbs 11 and how those who distribute and become impoverished for God's sake are blessed, while those who withhold more than what is fair come to poverty.

The sermon discusses the importance of giving generously to the Lord and the spiritual principle of sowing and reaping. It emphasizes that withholding more than what is fair can lead to poverty, but giving generously can lead to prosperity. The sermon encourages individuals to give their time, talents, gifts, and energies to the Lord and to be passionate towards Him. The speaker believes that a thriving community recognizes the Lordship of Christ and gives generously. The sermon ends with a prayer for individuals to embrace the principles of the Kingdom of God and live according to God's word.

We are talking about prosperity on these Sundays. How to live prosperous, blessed, successful lives. How many want to live successful and prosperous lives?

How to live prosperous lives? That is what we are talking about on these Sundays, how to live prosperous lives, how to reach that state of prosperity that is our inheritance as children of God because Christ came so that we may have what? Life, and life in abundance. That is prosperity. It is enjoying life. Do you know that there are people, that I actually preach the Gospel to them, and I tell them "accept Christ personally and enter into a deeper life with Him", not so much because I need to be saved, because I already believe in their heart they believe in Jesus and know him as the son of God, but it is simply because they have not entered into the fullness of life that God has declared for them. They have simply received Christ but have not learned how to use the principles of the Kingdom of God to bring prosperity to their lives. There are so many Christians who are in the kingdom, they are saved, they are going to go to heaven with everything and their shoes, but here on earth they are living a miserable and timid life because they do not know how to use the laws of the Kingdom of God, they do not know how to use the principles that lead to prosperity.

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