Classic Sermon: Do not worry about anything

Dr. Roberto Miranda
Dr. Roberto Miranda

SUMMARY: The key to maintaining harmonious relationships with others lies in the character of humility, meekness, love, mercy, patience, and tolerance. It is important not to cling to positions or attachments in life, as they can cause suffering and conflict. Christians should walk through life lightly, letting the Lord give and take away what he wants. In serving the Lord, we must carry out our tasks with simplicity and without clinging to anything of this world. The principle of yielding is crucial, as it allows us to avoid conflicts and trust in the Lord to defend our interests.

The principle of being willing to give up our position for the advancement of the Kingdom of God is important. We must have a correct perspective of our position and be willing to let someone else take over when the time comes. It is important to cultivate the awareness that our position may be taken over by someone else and to have a willing attitude towards it. We must use the law of love and be generous towards others, avoiding conflicts and misunderstandings. Yielding and using the power of the cross is a powerful tool in releasing forces on our behalf. We should never be found fighting or vying for position in the Kingdom of God.

The sermon emphasizes the importance of having a contented heart in serving the Lord, without seeking positions or creating artificial chimeras. The speaker shares four principles to keep in mind while serving the Lord. Firstly, seek the Kingdom of God and His righteousness first, and everything else will be added. Secondly, avoid getting into controversies and fights for positions in the Kingdom of God. Thirdly, understand that God's employment department has no limits, and there will always be many positions in the Kingdom of God. Lastly, ensure that your heart is pleasing to God and filled with virtues of the Holy Spirit, so that you will always have something to do in the Kingdom of God. The sermon concludes with a call to let go of ambitions and desires and give them to the Lord, and to be generous with others to have treasure in the kingdom of heaven.

Give what you love the most to the Lord and be generous with others. Get rid of everything and give it to the poor, and you will have treasure in the kingdom of heaven. Don't cling to things. We are pilgrims on our way to a heavenly homeland, and we celebrate the little that God gives us. Let the fruit of the spirit reign in our lives and be messengers of a kingdom of love and light. Find rest in God and seek peace.

As we have said in the past everyone has some influence. Leadership is influence. At some point in your life you are always leading, even if it is leading a group of cars on a street. And we are always exerting influence, and therefore there are certain rules and certain attitudes that are necessary to understand. There are certain principles of the word that are important. And brothers, I tell you that every day I am more and more convinced that the frontier of the Christian life and of humanity lies in our ability to maintain harmonious relationships with other human beings.

How hard is that! How difficult it is to maintain harmonious relationships with one another, in the church life, in the home, wherever! I am more and more convinced, brothers, that what differentiates us, or what can differentiate us from this Christian religion is the emphasis that Christ places on the character of humility, meekness, love, mercy, patience , tolerance with each other.

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