Letting yourself be conquered by God

Gregory Bishop
(Audio: Spanish)

SUMMARY: The pastor discusses the importance of surrendering to God and being obedient to His commands, rather than trying to use God to justify our own desires. He uses the story of Joshua encountering the prince of the army of the Lord as a pre-incarnate manifestation of Jesus, and how the angel's response of "neither for us nor for our enemies, but on my own side" shows that it is not about God being on our side, but us being on God's side. He also cautions against using God as a good luck charm, as Israel did with the ark in battle, and emphasizes the importance of obedience and surrender to God's will.

The sermon discusses the story of Israel carrying the ark into battle, thinking it would bring them good luck. However, God reminds them that He is not their pet and they need to submit to His authority. The sermon also mentions the importance of being broken by God, as seen in the stories of Moses, Peter, and Paul. Jesus also experienced suffering in the Garden of Gethsemane before His crucifixion, but He submitted to God's will. The sermon encourages listeners to reflect on areas in their life where they need to submit to God and reminds them that God will conquer them before using them for great things. The importance of fasting and prayer is also emphasized, with a focus on the heart rather than legalism.

Fasting is not about legalism or what you eat, it's about surrendering to God and allowing Him to conquer us. What matters is the state of our hearts and how we treat others. The speaker invites anyone who wants to accept Christ to pray with them.

There is a spiritual battle that each one of us has to lose and our opponent is not Satan, it is a battle against the being that loves us more than any other being in this universe. It is a battle with God and us. It is a battle against ourselves. Everyone, Gregory..... the pastor is looking on the Internet, don't say any more profanity.

Guess what? Before using you God has to conquer you. Before using you God has to conquer you. That is the most important battle, brothers. The other, everything else comes with it. if we fight this battle and if we lose and win this battle we can conquer in his name.

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