Jeremiah 29

Dr. Roberto Miranda
(Audio: English)

SUMMARY: In Jeremiah chapter 29, the prophet sends a letter to the Jews who are in exile in Babylon, after God had punished them for their disobedience. The letter is a mixture of punishment and grace, as God tells them to settle down, seek peace and prosperity in the city and pray for it, and promises to fulfill his gracious promise to bring them back to their land. The passage shows the complexity of God's character and his ways of dealing with us, and the importance of not oversimplifying or impoverishing our understanding of him. We should respect and fear God, recognizing his justice and mercy, and seek to obey his principles and laws.

The speaker discusses the book of Jeremiah and how God reminds his people in Babylon that he has plans to prosper them and give them hope and a future. He emphasizes that God's love is both beautiful and sinister, and that we should have a complex and fulfilling life as Christians. He encourages listeners to change negative expectations and cultivate an attitude of victory, prosperity, and hope. The speaker shares a personal story of a woman who faced a difficult situation but ultimately found faith and joy in serving the Lord. He reminds listeners that sometimes sinister things happen in our journey, but we must trust that God has good plans for us.

God's plan for his children is to prosper them and give them hope and a future. As Christians, we should be enterprising and entrepreneurial, investing our energies in something creative and always seeking to become better. We should not be complacent or conservative, but embrace life and undertake great things. We should also seek to bless others and be generous with our resources, forgiving and patient. God's love and grace are unlimited, and we should trust in him to do the right thing.

Jeremiah, Chapter 29, one of my favorite passages in Scripture, sort of a theme of my life as I think of the Lord that I am serving, and what I can expect from that God, what I can expect from the Christianity that I engaged in and that I practice, my understanding of God and of the kingdom that I inhabit, and what I can expect about the future as well, each of you. This message is for you, as you look towards the future, what can you expect from God?

Jeremiah, chapter 29. I’ll read, you know, up to a point and ….. let my words be few. That’s one of the few expressions that preachers cannot really say with sincerity. ‘Let my words be few’.

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