Isaiah 40:27

Dr. Roberto Miranda
Dr. Roberto Miranda
(Audio: Spanish)

SUMMARY: Isaiah 40:27-31 speaks to those who feel demoralized and feel like God has forgotten them. Isaiah reminds them to focus on God's attributes and meditate on His perfect character, power, knowledge, and wisdom. God does not give up and knows all things. The passage also reminds us that God's works are not necessarily accomplished through human effort but through His grace and favor. We should trust in God's goodness, mercy, and faithfulness, and declare His grace against our problems and difficulties. Those who wait for the Lord will have new strength and will not grow tired or weary.

The key to a Christian's power is to focus on God, not on problems or difficulties. In Isaiah 40, the prophet encourages people to look towards God's attributes, power, and wisdom instead of being demoralized by their problems. When facing challenges, believers should not focus on the difficulty but on the greatness of God. The Apostle Paul says that we can do everything in Christ Jesus. The Lord loves problems because they are opportunities for Him to display His glory. God wants to work in our lives, and He can do anything. The important thing is to keep our gaze fixed on the greatness of the Lord.

The speaker discusses the importance of seeking God's power and anointing in order to live a successful and abundant life. He emphasizes the need to focus on God and renew oneself in His presence, rather than getting caught up in daily struggles and temporary earthly concerns. The speaker encourages listeners to remember their identity as children of God and seek intimacy with Him, in order to bear fruit and overcome difficulties with His power.

The Lord is speaking of grace and blessings to his people. Trust in God and fill yourself with his power. Do not focus on past failures or difficulties. Share the blessings you receive with others, and the more you give, the more you will be blessed. God has good things and purposes for us, and the best is yet to come. God's power is greater than any problem or enemy we may face. Believe in God's favor and grace in every aspect of your life. Celebrate and adore the Lord, and focus on Him instead of the negativity around us.

In verse 27, Isaiah 40:27, it says “Why do you say, O Jacob, and speak your Israel, my way is hidden from the Lord and my judgment has passed from my God? You have not known, you have not heard that the eternal God is Jehovah, who created the ends of the earth. He does not faint, nor is he fatigued, and there is no one who can reach his understanding. He gives effort to the weary, and multiplies the forces to those who have none. Boys get tired and tired, young people falter and fall, but those who wait for the Lord will have new strength, they will raise wings like eagles, they will run and not get tired, they will walk and not get tired. May the Lord bless his holy word.

This morning, actually Saturday morning, around 4 in the morning, while we were having our waking time here, a moment for me to share something with the brothers and I was looking for There was a fresh word from the Lord and I found this passage from Isaiah, Chapter 40, and as I examined it to see if it was appropriate to encourage our brothers, I thought: "in reality, this message is so basic that perhaps it does not lend itself more than to one or two quick sentences, with quick comment phrases.” Because we have recited that passage a lot where it says that boys get tired and tired, young people falter and fall, but those who wait for Jehovah ..... etc, etc.

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