Spiritual war

Dr. Roberto Miranda
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SUMMARY: In 1 Kings 20, the king of Syria gathers his army and 32 other kings to besiege Samaria, the capital of the northern Jewish kingdom. The king demands silver, gold, wives, and children from King Ahab of Israel. A prophet comes to Ahab and tells him that God will give him victory over the Syrian army. Ahab leads his army to victory, but the prophet warns him that the Syrians will come back in a year. This story is a reminder that Christians are in a continuous spiritual war with the devil and must be cautious and watchful. Just as the devil hates God's chosen people, he also has a controversy against the people of God, and every believer must be prepared for the enemy's attacks.

The enemy, the devil, is always looking for ways to enter a person's life and cause havoc. Just like germs can enter through a wound, the devil enters through openings that we open for him. Therefore, we must be sober and watchful, taking care of our spiritual health and living a life of cleanliness before God. We cannot fight the devil by our own strength, but we must cultivate the power of Christ within us and put on the full armor of God. Our fight is not against flesh and blood, but against spiritual powers of wickedness. We must understand the seriousness of spiritual life and the dynamics of being a Christian in this radioactive world. The devil wants what we have, and we must decide what we are going to do with that request from an enemy more powerful than us.

The devil wants what you have, and he often starts by asking for something seemingly harmless to establish a precedent and gain ground. We must resist the devil and not give him any foothold or room to operate in our lives. We fight against the spirit of antichrist, not against individuals. God can change any situation in an instant, but we must believe and declare his lordship over our lives. We have the same measure of the Holy Spirit as pastors and leaders, and we must have the capacity to believe God for victory.

The speaker encourages the church to resist the enemy and reconquer any land that the devil has taken. They emphasize that Satan only has power if the church allows it and that God has already defeated him on the cross. The speaker prays for a fresh anointing and a prophetic generation to rise up and conquer the earth before the Lord's return. They rebuke doubt and lukewarmness and ask for a visitation from God's glory and power. The prayer ends with a plea for the Holy Spirit to fill and empower the church.

Spiritual Warfare

3-part series on Spiritual Warfare

1 Spiritual war

2 Spiritual Warfare (Part 2)

3 Spiritual warfare (part 3)

Chapter 20, First Kings. It says there: "....Then Ben Hadad, king of Syria gathered his entire army and with him 32 kings -imagine what a great army, 32 kings- with horses and chariots and went up and besieged Samaria and fought it.. .”

Samaria was the capital of the northern Jewish kingdom. Israel was divided into two kingdoms: the northern kingdom, whose capital was Samaria, and the southern kingdom, Judah, whose capital was Jerusalem. And this king of Syria comes and surrounds that city of Samaria and fights against it.

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