Judges 7:7

Dr. Roberto Miranda
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SUMMARY: In Judges 7, God tells Gideon that he will save Israel with only 300 men. This is a reminder that God can do mighty things on behalf of His people, even when they are outnumbered and facing great opposition. The church today needs to learn from these principles and apply them to their own lives. We must engage with the enemy, use anointing, have prophetic discernment, be visible, and proclaim the truth. We must confront the spiritual forces that oppose Christianity in our culture and not be afraid of being seen as militant or hateful. The enemy has used emotional blackmail to silence us, but we must resist this and confront the enemy boldly.

The church needs to confront the enemy and adopt attitudes that are unpopular at first but will be blessed by God in the end. The church must seek the anointing of the Holy Spirit to fight the battle against the enemy. Prophetic discernment is needed to hear from God and receive specific instructions for the battle. The church needs to be visible and strategic in its placement to have an impact on society. The church needs to be energetic, entrepreneurial, and restless in finding ways to bring more resources into the kingdom. Overall, the church needs to be systemic in its thinking and take the battle to the enemy until God's blessing is completely downloaded into the culture.

Dr. Roberto Miranda emphasizes the importance of being faithful to the full proclamation of the word of God, without compromising any part of it. He believes that many churches have laid aside controversial and scandalous portions of the Bible in an effort to be politically correct and sensitive to visitors, but this is not the technique found in the Bible. The power of the church is in engaging the enemy, seeking God's anointing, flowing in the prophetic power of the Lord, being visible, and proclaiming the full Gospel. He urges churches and individuals to covenant with God to be faithful to His word and to wage war in a loving, defined manner that honors His word. He prays for the church to arise in the power of the Holy Spirit and to proclaim that Jesus is the same today as He was in the past.

In the Book of Judges, chapter 7. This is a word of the Lord evidently for our lives this morning.

Let’s go to verse 7 and we will go from there very quickly, jump over. I’m going to read it in English for the sake of time and our brothers and sisters there will read it in the Spanish version.

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