Second Service Judges 7:7

Dr. Roberto Miranda
(Audio: Spanish)

SUMMARY: The passage from Judges 7:9-23 tells the story of how God helped Gideon and his small army defeat the Midianites. This story provides spiritual life lessons and principles that can be applied to our current situation, where the Church is weak and surrounded by powers that are contrary to its interests. The author shares five elements that Christians can use to wage war against the enemy and bring revival to their communities. The values of the Kingdom of God are the only solution to the problems of our society, and it is important to learn and apply these principles to spread the Gospel and bring hope and healing to our communities.

The solution to the problems of our cities and communities lies in the values of the Kingdom of God. We need to learn and transmit these principles to others. God wants to give us a tremendous harvest for the Gospel, and we need to invest in the Kingdom of God to be used as instruments for His glory. The five things we need to possess the land and defeat the enemy are confrontation, anointing, prophetic discernment, visibility, and proclamation. When we speak of the enemy, we are referring to Satan, the enemy of souls, and not individuals or groups. The church must confront society with the word that all is not well and that certain behaviors and moral principles must be abandoned if we want productive and God-blessed societies.

The church needs to be confrontational in love and confront societal behaviors that go against God's principles. They also need God's anointing and to be filled with the Holy Spirit to have the power to do what God wants them to do. The church needs prophetic discernment to hear from God and receive specific advice and strategy. God is speaking to the church prophetically now and they need to set aside time to seek Him and flow in the gifts of the Holy Spirit to rescue society.

The church needs to be confrontational, anointed, have prophetic discernment, be visible, and proclaim the full Gospel of Jesus Christ. We need to be visible and present in society, not apologizing for our beliefs or hiding our faith. We must set aside time to seek God through prayer, fasting, and reading the word. And we need to flow in the gifts of the Holy Spirit to rescue society from the rational, intellectual, and cultural ties that bind it. We must be a presence that widens the tent of the church, and not be intimidated by the spirit of antichrist that is in society. Let us not apologize for what God has revealed to his church, but be proud of the Gospel that has been given to us and celebrate it.

The church must proclaim the truth of the Gospel and not lose its flavor. We must use anointing, visibility, prophetic discernment, proclamation, and confrontation in battle. Our weapons are not carnal but powerful in God. We must recognize our need for God and extend hands of mercy to others. The sermon concludes with a blessing and a call to be faithful and true witnesses of the Gospel.

This morning I used an English Bible as the service was going to be broadcast on the radio and we put a little more emphasis on English. Now at least I have a little more freedom to do it directly into Spanish and in Book of Judges, Chapter 7, we are going to go to verses 9 to 23.

It says there “then Jehovah said to Gideon: “With these 300 men who licked the water I will save you and I will deliver the Midianites into your hands and let all the other people go, each one to his place. And having taken provisions for the people and their trumpets, he sent all the Israelites each to his tent and kept those 300 men and had the camp of Midian down in the valley. It came to pass that night Jehovah said to him: Get up and go down to the camp because I have delivered it into your hands, and if you are afraid to go down, go down with Fura, your servant, to the camp and you will hear what they say and then your hands will exert themselves. and you will go down to the camp.

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