Adopting a biblical, supernatural mindset (2 Kings 6:24 - 7:20)

Dr. Roberto Miranda
Dr. Roberto Miranda
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SUMMARY: The passage discusses the continuation of the story of the King of Syria attacking the people of Israel, despite having experienced defeat at the hands of the prophet Elijah. This highlights the constant spiritual warfare that the people of God are in, and the importance of having a supernatural mindset and seeking anointing from the Holy Spirit. The passage also emphasizes the mercy of God and the power of prophetic words to bring about change. The author encourages new believers to adopt a supernatural mentality and not to be formed by institutional or religious thinking.

The story of the four lepers in 2 Kings 7 teaches us that God uses those who are marginalized and desperate. We need to adopt a go-for-broke attitude and give everything to God in order to experience His glory. The situation has changed in the realm of the spirit, but we need to have discernment to realize it. We need to speak and act in faith, knowing that God will back us up and use us. We should adopt a desperate final attitude and take action, shaking off our own interests and comfort to advance God's kingdom.

Brothers and sisters, this passage is a continuation of the passage we read a couple of weeks together, where we saw the King of Syria continually attacking the people of Israel, when the prophet Elijah did a tremendous miracle allowing the spirit of God to overcome that army and sent them back from where they came from. Elijah prayed for his servant to be able to have his eyes open so that he could see that the hills were covered with chariots of fire and angelic principalities that were there to defend them. The Syrian army was blinded and led into the very center of the capital of Israel at that time, Samaria. And there the king gave them a great feast and sent them back home defeated and humiliated.

And one would’ve thought that after this great favor that was done for the Syrian army, you would expect the Syrians to say: ‘well, they did us a great favor, they didn’t kill us, they gave us a feast, we’re not going to attack them again.’ However, to our surprise, we see the Syrian army once again attacking Israel, once again siege the city and try to destroy it. And this time was stronger than ever. The crisis comes to the city in a terrible way and we’re given an illustration of just how horrible the crisis of the city was. Two women with their children. The starvation was so bad that two women made this horrible deal that they’re going to take turns eating one another’s children. And one of these women even has the audacity in talking to the king insisting that he see to it that the other woman let them eat her child. The king was horrified and when the people see his reaction and later they see that actually underneath his clothing he has a black cloth that he’s wearing privately, secretly underneath his other garment. And we see a few things in this passage:

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