Spiritual Warfare (Part 2)

Dr. Roberto Miranda
(Audio: Spanish)

SUMMARY: The passage in 1 Kings 20 about King Ahab being besieged by King Ben Hadad of Syria teaches us about spiritual warfare and how the devil never gives up. The devil is always looking for ways to attack our lives and sow damage. We must be sober and vigilant, and surround ourselves with wise, mature people who can give us sound advice and discern God's move. Seek advice from proven people when making important decisions, and always pray and seek illumination from God.

The story in 1 Kings 20 is about a spiritual controversy underlying the conflict of nations. The Syrian king, Ben Hadad, blasphemed against God and poured out his anger and hatred against the people of God. God had a controversy with him, and there was a spiritual controversy between God and Ben Hadad. Israel defeated his army, and Ben Hadad was in trouble. His servants suggested that they put a noose around their necks as a sign of service, black and battered clothes as a sign of mourning, and ashes on their heads as a sign of humiliation. They would appear and ask for mercy so that Israel would spare Ben Hadad's life. The story gets dense when considering what to do after the victory. As Christians, we follow a Christ of love and mercy, who forgave the adulterous woman and had mercy on great sinners in Scripture. The Biblical precedent shows that after defeating the enemy, we should not kill them, but instead, we should give them food, cook them a big dinner, and send them free back to their nation, without touching a single one of them.

The sermon discusses a passage from the Bible about the prophet Elisha sparing the lives of an army he had defeated and instead feeding them. The sermon then focuses on another passage about a prophet who asks his companion to hit him, but the companion refuses. The prophet is later attacked and killed by a lion because he did not obey the word of God. The sermon argues that there is a time for forgiveness and a time for judgment. The church should not be afraid to preach the truth, even if it is uncomfortable, and should be prepared for the times of judgment that are coming. The sermon urges the church to walk with integrity and to be careful to discern God's will in dangerous times.

The speaker discusses the importance of obedience to God's will, rather than false mercy and false grace. They highlight the story of King Ahab and the prophet who was hurt by a man in order to give a parable to the king. The speaker emphasizes that obedience is what God wants from us, not just attendance at church or service. They call for a return to the ancient paths and the use of the weapons and vessels of the faith. The speaker asks for forgiveness and healing for the church and for a spirit of obedience to be born in them. They end with a prayer for God's blessings and guidance in walking according to His will.

Spiritual Warfare

3-part series on Spiritual Warfare

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Today I want to develop a really serious thought, a bit heavy in a sense, but that it is the word of the Lord and it is the call of the Lord for his church in this time that he wants to perfect us, purify us and temper us to the extent that he wants-.

You may remember the last time I preached we talked about Ahab being besieged by this mighty King Ben Hadad of Syria, declaring to him your children and your wife and your money as mine. And he tells him 'oh, yes Lord, you know it's like that', to get this man out of the way because he is very powerful, a very powerful king. And then the king comes, this enemy king, and says 'well, I want to put that into practice. I want to effect it, carry it out.

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