Spiritual warfare (part 3)

Dr. Roberto Miranda
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SUMMARY: The passage in Second Kings 6 shows the need for balance in the Kingdom of God and in our attitudes. While there are times when we need to confront and even hurt to heal, our first choice should always be to seek peace. In the case of Elisha, he captured a Syrian army but chose to spare their lives and even offer them a feast, which resulted in armed bands never returning to Israel. We need to ask the Lord for a balanced spiritual personality and be a balanced congregation that mixes the truth of God with the grace of the Lord, the justice of God with the mercy of God.

God is both confrontational and nurturing, and we as the church need to find a balance between the two. We need to love and show grace to fallen people, but also speak the truth of God's word. We should exemplify the goodness and joy of God in our lives to attract others to the faith. In the story of Elisha and the enemy, we see that mercy can be used even towards enemies. However, we must also be discerning and not use the power of God in a carnal way. The church needs to be mature and balanced in order to handle the power and authority given by God.

The speaker emphasizes the importance of balance in life and how it relates to being a mature Christian. He uses the example of a shepherd who uses both a rod and a quiet to lead his sheep, and how Christians must also know when to confront and when to be silent. The speaker also highlights the importance of loving one's enemies and doing good to those who hate us, as Jesus taught. He concludes by asking for the spirit of Jesus Christ to guide us in maintaining balance in our lives and relationships.

The speaker prays for a balanced spirit like that of Jesus Christ, which combines grace, mercy, truth, and justice. They ask for God's guidance and grace for their town and express gratitude for God's word.

Spiritual Warfare

3-part series on Spiritual Warfare

1 Spiritual war

2 Spiritual Warfare (Part 2)

3 Spiritual warfare (part 3)

Second Kings, Chapter 6. Let's go to verse 8, Chapter 6 Kings, Second Kings, verse 8. I don't know if I'm going to read the whole passage but at least a few verses. I want to continue with the topic that we started a few weeks ago, this is going to be the third sermon that is related to this time, the ministry of Elisha, of Elijah, spiritual warfare, weapons that we use for spiritual warfare, all these things are here. involved.

It says in verse 8, Second Kings: “...The king of Syria feared war against Israel and consulting with his servants said: 'my camp will be in such and such a place' , and the man of God -that is, Elisha, the prophet- and the man of God sent to say to the king of Israel, 'see that you do not pass through such a place -where the king of Syria was going to be in ambush- see that you do not pass by such a place because the Syrians go there'. Then the king of Israel sent to that place that the man of God had said, and he did so over and over again in order to take care of himself...."

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