What do we want from revival?

Samuel Acevedo
(Audio: Spanish)

SUMMARY: The speaker talks about the revival happening in New England and how it is a time where the church can rise up and ask anything from the throne of God. He emphasizes the importance of having authority in the presence of the Lord like Elijah did, and encourages the church to desire and pray for it. One of the conditions for such a powerful environment is being aware of the pain of our neighbor and praying for them. The speaker explains that sin is an affliction and that the Lord wants us to see it and feel the pain with those who are struggling with it. He encourages confessing our sins and loving one another by helping each other overcome sin. The message ends with a call to stand up and become aware of the sanctity of the house of God.

The speaker reflects on a moment during a church service where the congregation was aware of the sanctity of the place and the presence of an inapproachably holy God. The speaker encourages the congregation to pray for the most impossible person they know to come to church and to try to understand their affliction. The speaker asks for a wave of liberation from sin and for God to reach those who resist his glory. The congregation prays for specific individuals and asks for the Holy Spirit to soften their hearts and heal their lives.

Seeing all that God is doing in our media, seeing all of New England praying, fasting in a way that hasn't been seen in over a hundred years. Something powerful is doing the Lord. And the question for you tonight is what do we want from this revival?

We are entering a time when anything, that to me is revival, when we can, when the church of Jesus Christ can rise up and ask anything from the throne of God and the Lord hears our prayer, and changes the face of the earth. And that is what the word promises us.

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