Dr. Roberto Miranda
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SUMMARY: The speaker discusses the importance of fasting and prayer in preparing for a revival that he believes God wants to bring to Massachusetts, New England, and the United States. He references Joel 1, which describes a negative situation where Israel has strayed from God and judgment has come upon them. The speaker believes that America and the church have also strayed from God, resulting in a decline of the anointing and joy. He believes that God wants to do something extraordinary in America, and that the church needs to prepare for it. The speaker sees signs of this revival already happening and believes that the church needs to prepare the way for the coming of the King of Glory.

The pastor is calling for a 40-day fast for the church in order to renew and strengthen its members, particularly the youth. He encourages everyone to seek the Lord and prioritize their relationship with Him above all else. The pastor believes that fasting and prayer are necessary for extreme situations and needs, and that it will bring blessings and anointing to the church. He also emphasizes the importance of reconciling families and educating children in spiritual matters. The pastor cites Joel 2:15-17 as a call to gather the people and seek the Lord's forgiveness and protection. The church has lost its power and authority because it has turned away from God.

The church has lost its power, authority, relevance, and influence in society because it has turned away from seeking the anointing, filling of the Holy Spirit, and outpouring of God. The solution is to convoke an assembly, confess sins, straighten paths, and seek forgiveness, which will result in God sending bread (symbol of the word of God), oil (symbol of God's anointing), and wine (symbol of the joy of God) until the church is full. Fasting is a way to subdue the flesh, appetite for normal life, and worldliness to prepare for God's glory to descend on our lives and the church. The call is to pray for revival in the nation, state, and churches, and for pastors to be renewed and set on fire to raise a great torch that lights up the whole country. The church pledges to fast, pray, and cry out to the Lord for a great visitation from God.

I want to put in you a seed of concern this morning about something that would seem contradictory to the spirit of joy that we have just manifested right now. But you know what? What I want to talk about is actually what makes it possible for us to flow in that joy and in that freedom of the Lord and that we can say with that faith and conviction "You can do it."

And I'm talking about fasting and prayer. Say with me, fast, again, fast. That is an unpopular subject for many of us, unpopular for churches, we rarely take the time to talk about this very important topic. But God is calling us as a church and as a city and even as a region in New England, to a time of sustained fasting and prayer so that the glory that God wants to bring to Massachusetts and New England may come down.

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