Why do we fast?

Dr. Roberto Miranda
(Audio: English)

SUMMARY: Fasting is a powerful tool for seeking strength and spiritual growth, despite not being a popular subject. The Book of Joel presents a paradigm of fasting, both at a collective and individual level. In times of crisis, fasting can be a way of giving more emphasis and momentum to our prayers and petitions before the Lord. Throughout scripture, key figures fasted in times of exceptionality, seeking answers from God and invoking His blessing. Fasting is a way of humbling ourselves before God and expressing our need for Him.

Fasting is a practice that has been used by key figures in the Bible and throughout history to seek God's help in times of need or to strengthen their spiritual power. Jesus himself recommended fasting as a spiritual discipline, and He fasted before beginning His public ministry. Fasting can be used to break bondage, consecrate oneself to God, gain consciousness and seriousness about a situation, and release supernatural power in one's life. It is not a way to gain favor with God, but rather a way to increase spiritual vitality within the grace of God.

Fasting releases the anointing of God in our lives and is a way of weakening the flesh to allow the spirit to express itself more easily. Fasting hits at the heart of the desire for self-preservation and symbolically declares that the spirit is more important than the flesh. Fasting allows for greater clarity, discernment, and connection with the spiritual realm. The church has a calling to fast and pray in order to invite God to intervene in this nation's dire need.

The church is currently in a state of disrepair, losing respect and dignity in society. The solution is to fast and pray, creating a collective communication channel between heaven and earth. God's will can be established through fasting, and the demonic forces that bring calamity to the church can be broken. The Christian faith is about power, and fasting is an instrument to increase that power in one's life. There are many resources available to explore the practice of fasting, and it should be incorporated as a lifelong spiritual practice. The prayer concludes with a declaration of deep hunger for God and a desire for intimacy with Him.

It’s not a very popular subject: fasting. How many say, yes, Lord, alleluia, fasting. Yes, I’m going to do it! It’s not something that lends itself to that kind of enthusiasm and yet it is a very powerful thing. It’s sort of a spiritual steroids, if you will. That’s what fasting is, and yet the comparison that occurred to me when I was thinking about that just a few minutes ago, is not really complete because steroids smacks of cosmetics, kind of doing things, taking the shortcut to strength and performance. While actually fasting is a legitimate way of seeking strength, and of seeking spiritual muscularity, is that a word? If it isn’t one of you, experts, correct me later on. But, it is a wonderful way to obtain that energy, that power that we need as believers.

So these people have inspired us to fast and pray during this time. There’s a lot of fasting and praying going on in the city of Boston right now, and I think all over the nation. I hear, over and over, that God is doing something during this time. You know, it’s eerie, what is happening in the United States right now, in terms of revival beginning to burst forth, as we have awaited for such a long time and I am one of those individuals that is convinced that we have entered into revival.

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