Paul Jehle - Interceding for Revival

Paul Jehle
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SUMMARY: Revival is happening in New England, but intercession needs to have a strategic element. We need guidance from the Bible on how to pray for revival, praying in the will and design of God. Revival involves the renewal of the spirit, soul, and body, and culture is a reflection of the hearts of God's people. Psalm 85 provides a biblical prayer for revival, which includes deep repentance from sin, renewal of ownership, and repentance for iniquity. Iniquity is the result of unrepentant sin in the culture, and when we repent, we prevent it from taking others into bondage. The church needs to repent for its sins to prevent iniquity in society, such as the example of slavery in America.

The issue of slavery in America was a spiritual problem, as the church did not repent and solve the problem. The Psalm calls for God's mercy and salvation to be shown, and for righteousness and peace to come together. The solution came in the form of Jesus Christ, who fulfilled the law of God and brought mercy and peace. Revival comes when the righteousness of God's word is united with the power of God. Christians need a new vision and a renewed mind to express the river of God and bring the Kingdom of God to earth. The Psalm ends with a plea for God to rain down righteousness from heaven and for His people to have their steps ordered by the righteousness of God.

I want to share with you about interceding for revival. There’s a rising tide of revival in New England. There are more and more prayer meetings taking place, more and more believers who are hungry for revival. We are in a tide, a flood tide, of the Holy Spirit, but we need guidance in our prayers. Intercession needs to take on a strategic element. We can no longer just randomly pray and ask God to just flood the culture. What we need to do is be harnessed with his plan, and harnessed with his desires, so that we are praying his will and his designs for this culture, at this time because of what He wants to do. That’s why we need guidance to begin to understand prayer.

The Bible tells us that we can pray amiss. We can pray for the wrong things, at the wrong time, in the name of Jesus. And we need to learn to pray not using the name of Jesus, but praying in the name of Jesus, in the nature of Jesus, in the will of Jesus, in the spirit of Jesus and therefore we need guidance from the word of God as to what it really means to intercede for revival.

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