Dr. Roberto Miranda : A vision for revival in New England

Dr. Roberto Miranda
Dr. Roberto Miranda

SUMMARY: The speaker presents a personal vision for revival in New England, acknowledging that it reflects their own theological and cultural views. They believe that revival will inevitably lead to controversy as the Kingdom of God confronts existing structures and false beliefs. The Church must be clear and bold in its proclamation of the Gospel, but also embody a servant spirit and humility. The revival will be characterized by an unprecedented degree of power, authority, and anointing imparted to the Church, but it will require a life of purity and holiness as a precondition. The speaker calls for the systemic penetration of society, rather than just rescuing individuals, as a key goal of revival.

The author disagrees with the idea that Christians should only focus on rescuing individuals and not try to influence the culture on behalf of the Kingdom. They argue that Satan understands the power of influencing cultural and political systems and Christians should not abandon this realm. They highlight the significant social achievements in Western history facilitated by Christians who understood the power of a Christian worldview to affect cultural and political systems. The author believes that societal systems must also be evangelized and discipled, and this can only flow from a concerted, well thought out strategy conceived in the spirit by individuals who have the mind of Christ. The author calls for Christians to be guided by the values of the Kingdom and exemplify the clarity of Christ’s message, his servant leadership style, his undeniable power and anointing, his victorious holiness, and his systemic ambition to see the Father’s will established on earth as it is in heaven.

Presentation given at 'Biblical Worldview Conference' in Boston April 7,2006:
I have been assigned the task of presenting a vision for revival in New England. I will begin with a disclaimer. What I have to present is admittedly a very personal view, one that reflects my own theological, cultural and perhaps temperamental inclinations. My presentation is therefore very partial and relative in its content. I do not pretend to be giving a “Thus saith the Lord,” or to be declaring absolute, incontestable truth.

By stating this at the outset, I freely acknowledge the validity of other, perhaps competing or conflicting visions of what revival should look like in this region. I also, on the other hand, give myself freedom to be as candid, expansive and passionate to express my views as I can. I hope to remain respectful and fair throughout my exposition, but at the same time, I do not want to sacrifice clarity and definition out of a desire not to offend, or to sound more gracious than I really am or need to be.

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