Love without barriers?

Samuel Acevedo
(Audio: Spanish)

SUMMARY: The speaker expresses gratitude for being a Christian in Boston at this time and believes it is a privilege to raise the banner of the Lord and proclaim His word for the nation. They note that recent messages have had an internal focus because they believe the most decisive battles will take place in our hearts. The speaker then shares the promise from Isaiah 49:15-16, that if we love God without limit or restraint, He will never abandon or forget us. However, many of us struggle to love God in this way because we have experienced contaminated and imperfect love in our lives. The speaker suggests that we must learn how to love God and surrender ourselves fully to Him, even in the areas where we fear abandonment or failure.

The author, a prophet Isaiah, reflects on the human condition of being a people with unclean lips and how difficult it is to trust in love due to past betrayals. However, God offers two signs to reassure us that He will never forget us and will always protect us: the carving of our names on His palms and the promise that our walls are before Him. Despite the walls of our lives being stalked and burned, God is our protection and salvation. We must enter these decisive times with sure hearts that God will support us and never abandon us.

I would not change where the Lord has put me and the time that the Lord has put me. I don't know about you brother, but I feel that it is a privilege to be a Christian in the city of Boston at this time, it is a privilege that the Lord entrusts us with the responsibility is more, again, forgive the word privilege again , but the privilege of being those who stand in the gap and who raise the banner of the Lord and who proclaim that the law of Jehovah will be our law and we will not serve another God and proclaim his word for an entire nation. That is a privilege, and that is the privilege that we will be exercising this week, from Wednesday to Wednesday.

Now, having said that, if you notice, in the last two weeks the words that the Lord has brought through our pastor and through the psychologist who preached at this time the Last week, they have been messages with an internal focus. Have you noticed? We are entering a time of spiritual warfare on a social level, of a social structure, but the focus of the word of the Lord has been directed to our hearts, to our spiritual constitution, within us, do you know why? Because I believe, brother, that the most decisive battles that are going to take place these days will take place at the level of our hearts. The most decisive battles, the most decisive battles that we are going to face in this age and until Christ comes, will be carried out in your heart, by your heart and through your heart, the most decisive battlefield is your heart. And there is a text of the word that focuses on a particular battle, and it focuses on a battle for our faith, and it also has a promise, brothers, that if we managed to embrace that promise, we would be practically indestructible Christians, practically invincible, that text it is Isaiah chapter 49.

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