Love one another!

Samuel Acevedo
(Audio: English)

SUMMARY: The speaker is addressing a group at the Lion of Judah church, located on the historic boundary between Roxbury and the South End in Boston. He notes that the B2 police district, where the church is located, leads the city in shootings and violent fatalities. He then discusses Jesus' mission to destroy the devil's work and the weapon he used to accomplish it: love. The speaker explains that God has "weaponized" love and deputized Christians to use it to undo the devil's work. Jesus demonstrated this by entering our world, washing his disciples' feet, and laying down his life for them. The speaker encourages the group to love one another as Jesus loved them, in order to be his disciples and destroy the devil's work in their lives and communities.

The speaker discusses how God entered into our world through Jesus Christ, who experienced human emotions and struggles. He emphasizes that God wants to be a part of our everyday lives and experiences, and encourages listeners to surrender their darkest secrets and flaws to God. The speaker also discusses Jesus washing the feet of his disciples as a symbol of his willingness to touch the ugly places in our lives, and ultimately dying on the cross to save us from our sins. The message highlights the importance of trusting in God and following Jesus as the way to salvation.

The speaker talks about death and how Jesus sees it as a way to get to a beautiful place called Narnia, which represents heaven. The speaker encourages people to receive the love of Jesus and become part of the story. They offer a prayer for those who want to receive Jesus as their savior and welcome them home.

I’m saying this not just to this group. I think I’m really saying it to the powers of hell. We’re not finished yet. We’ve a lot of work to do. We made a lot of friends. We’re never going to see Grant Manor or Mandela Houses the same way again. There’s no way that we could leave this church, go off to lunch on Washington street and come back and view that neighborhood, and maybe I’m speaking for myself, but view that neighborhood in the same manner. I think there’s something that God wants to do in this area and I’d like us to share about that a little bit.

We could go to John, chapter 13. The gospel of John, chapter 13, verse 33 to 35. As you seek in that, there’s a couple of demographics about where this church is located, geographically. What happens? What is so special about Lion of Judah? I mean every church is special. I believe that God plants churches in specific places to do specific work and there’s something extremely special. I believe one of the most special things about where this church is, literally it’s physical location. This church is literally on the line, the geographic line historically separating the south end from Roxbury.

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