I'm going back for my church

Omar Soto
(Audio: Spanish)

SUMMARY: The speaker shares a message about the importance of evangelism and the promise of eternal life that comes with salvation. They pray for those actively involved in evangelism, as they are in a battle against the forces of evil. The speaker believes in the promise of Jesus' return for his church and the promise of eternal life. They acknowledge that there are different theological perspectives on this topic, but Lion of Judah believes in the premillennial perspective.

The speaker discusses different perspectives on the end times and the return of Jesus. He believes that Jesus will come for his church before the great tribulation. He reminds listeners that no one knows the day or hour of Jesus' return and that our citizenship is in heaven. He emphasizes that Jesus is the center of life and that finding peace and fulfillment can only come through him. The speaker also warns against becoming skeptical or scoffing at the promise of Jesus' return, as some did in the past. He quotes Second Peter, Chapter 3, which reminds us that God's timing is not our own and that he desires everyone to come to repentance.

The speaker talks about the importance of being ready for the return of Jesus Christ. He emphasizes that no one knows when that day will come and that we need to be alert and focused on leading a life of integrity and love. He shares a dream he had as a child where he saw the face of Jesus pointing at him, and it led him to accept Jesus as his Lord and Savior. He invites anyone who has not yet made that decision to do so and also invites those who may have strayed from their faith to renew their vows with the Lord. He ends by singing a song about the joy of giving and receiving Jesus as a gift.

Living for Jesus is great and the speaker invites anyone who has strayed from God's love to come to the altar and renew their commitment to Him.

I want to share something with you that, as I was telling the group this morning, is not an easy message to share, since it has a lot of material to cut, but at the same time I understand that it is a message of great hope for all of us. that we call ourselves Christians children of God.

And I want to share this more because it comes out as part of a very deep and very intimate reflection about everything that has been happening this past weekend in our involvement with the Puerto Rican Festival, and the same time in so many other events where we will have the opportunity to share the love of God with many people. I believe that this summer is going to be a summer where evangelism is going to be key for us as a church and for us as individuals, as people.

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