Make God's love known at the moment He gives you the opportunity

Omar Soto
(Audio: Spanish)

SUMMARY: The book of John elaborates on the events that happened after the resurrection of Jesus. The disciples experienced mixed feelings of abandonment, frustration, doubts, fear, joy, amazement, and expectation. In John chapter 21, Peter and the disciples go fishing but catch nothing until Jesus appears and tells them to cast the net again. They catch a large number of fish, and Jesus invites them to eat. However, the disciples had forgotten Jesus' teachings and promises, which reflects humanity's ease of forgetting important things. James 1:19-25 reminds us to receive the implanted word with meekness and be doers of the word, not just hearers. We must live with an awareness of Jesus' teachings and promises, reflecting our role as the salt and light of the world.

The speaker encourages listeners to be mindful of Jesus in their daily lives and to be salt and light to the world. He challenges them to remember Jesus' teachings and to live them out in their interactions with others, even in difficult situations. He also emphasizes the importance of discernment and being open to opportunities to share God's love with others. The speaker prays for listeners to be transformed into Christ's image and for God's blessing and protection as they go about their lives.

The book of John is the book that elaborates the most on the things that happened after the resurrection of Jesus. If you start reading the four gospels, almost all of them end in the fact that after he appeared to the disciples when they were in the upper room, they then go to the mountain and there Jesus ascends and there they stay with the great Commendation.

But in the book of John there are a few additional accounts that further elaborate on things that happened after such a great event, so majestic, so divine, so powerful. And to this I said the ambivalence after the resurrection. It's very connected to things in a certain way to things that the Pastor shared on Friday night, and I was telling myself those were the days after the resurrection where the disciples were processing a lot of mixed feelings. Those were days when some of them had a feeling of abandonment, frustration, doubts, fear, but they also had joy, amazement and expectation because they had seen the risen Jesus, so it is an idea of whether I saw him or did not see him, or was dreaming or not, was I hallucinating or not, I ate too much fish that night and I'm seeing a hallucination of Jesus or what.

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