Dr. Miranda : Going up from level to level

Dr. Roberto Miranda
Dr. Roberto Miranda

SUMMARY: The church needs to evolve with the times and use new resources like the internet to spread the Gospel to all nations. God wants a powerful and agile church that can function in the 21st century. The recent conflicts and tensions faced by this congregation have been used by God to bless and develop them into a higher level of excellence and effectiveness. God is always speaking to us and using all dimensions of our lives to train us and prepare us for his purpose. God will design a training plan specifically for each individual based on their strengths and endowment.

The author shares their testimony of how they have seen God work in their life and ministry, and how God designs individual training plans for each person according to their qualities, circumstances, and purpose. They use the story of Peter and Jesus to illustrate the three levels of spiritual depth and ministerial development that Christians can experience, and encourage readers to not remain stagnant but always be in process and alert to where God is taking them. The author urges readers to develop hunger and thirst for God, to seek an individual relationship with Him, and to be useful for the Lord on earth.

God is calling us to wake up, jump out of the crowd, and develop a hunger and thirst for Him. He wants to use us, bless us, and reveal Himself to us in a personal way. We all have a call and a gift from God, and we need to step out of the generic and into the specific to fulfill our purpose. The church needs to be evangelistic and prepared for the challenges that come with it. Like Jesus, we need to preach a Gospel of grace, love, and transformation that brings hope and blessing to people's lives. If we remain close to Jesus and filled with His glory, we will be contagious and people will be drawn to us, seeking advice and prayer.

The author discusses the importance of being filled with the Holy Spirit and having a personal relationship with Jesus in order to be effective in spreading the Gospel. They highlight the need for Christians to immerse themselves in God's word and to be open to being used by God. The author also emphasizes the importance of preaching the Gospel with humility and partnering with God in order to spread his message. They use the example of Jesus using a boat and a man's help to preach to the crowds, instead of using supernatural means.

The author discusses how Jesus chose to use human, natural solutions to spread the Gospel, rather than supernatural means. He shares his own experience of leaving his dream of becoming a college professor to become a pastor when God called him to use his boat. He emphasizes the importance of investing in the Kingdom of God, as only those works will last into eternity. He encourages listeners to give their boats to the Lord and pay the price to align their lives with God's calling. He also invites those who have not yet accepted Jesus as their Lord and Savior to do so.

The speaker invites anyone who wants to invite Jesus into their life to raise their hand. Some people raise their hands and are invited to come forward. The speaker encourages them to not be afraid and reminds them that they are among the family of God. The speaker tells them to come as they are, with their problems and obstacles, and that Christ will work with them to take them where they need to go. The speaker leads them in a prayer to invite Jesus into their lives. The speaker assures them that even if they didn't feel anything, if they invited Jesus in, He entered.

God wants an agile church, a new church, a powerful church, a church that can function in the 21st century and there are some tremendous resources that man has developed in this time, such as the Internet. And we have to enter this new world, the church cannot be left behind.

The church has to evolve with the times, retaining the Gospel, which as the word says was once given to men, but finding new and more powerful ways to carry it. Remember that in the word it says that the Lord will not come until the Gospel is preached to all nations. And I believe that God is providing ways for this to become possible at this time, because his time is close to coming. So I believe that God is using the human mind to develop ways to reach all of humanity, and that includes, for example, this wonderful technology of the Internet.

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