God tells you something, do it!

Steve Horning
(Audio: Spanish)

SUMMARY: Reverend Steve Horning is a missionary who has worked in Argentina and Andorra, Spain. He shared about his experiences, including leading the first people to Christ in Andorra and the challenges of being a missionary, such as financial struggles. He also talked about how he was called to serve the Lord and his involvement in the Argentine revival in the 1970s. Despite facing difficult times, the Gospel continued to spread and many people came to know Christ.

The speaker recounts experiences during a revival in Argentina where many people were healed and delivered from spiritual bondage. Miracles included a boy born without a urinary tube who was healed and a woman who brought a bug in a jar that was causing her harm, but was also healed. The speaker also recalls incidents where the state tried to shut down their meetings and they were attacked by police and dogs, but miracles continued to happen. The audience is asked to pray for healing and release from bondage, and to forgive others and humble themselves before God. They are then instructed to touch themselves and notice if there has been a healing.

The speaker encourages people to keep their focus on God and not lose reverence for Him. He invites people to touch themselves and notice any changes in their ailments or pain. He shares stories of people who have received healing and emphasizes the importance of putting God first in our lives. He warns against complacency and encourages people to continually seek God and fill up their spiritual tank.

The speaker talks about the importance of filling up our spiritual tank by seeking God and not becoming spiritually dry. He warns against spiritual pride and emphasizes the need for humility and complete obedience to God's word. He encourages immediate obedience to what God tells us and promises that God will manifest Himself in our lives if we do so. The speaker also mentions a potential collaboration with the pastor's church and asks for prayer for this endeavor. The prayer at the end asks for a new spirit and a call to seek God again.

The speaker gives a sermon about believing in God and having faith that something good will happen. They lead the audience in a prayer and give thanks to the Lord.

Reverend Steve Horning is from the United States, but has been working in Argentina for many years and also in Andorra, Spain. How many know where Andorra is? It is not exactly a Spanish country of passage, it is Spanish but it is not an integral part of Spain but rather it is a completely separate country. Many of you may not have heard of this country, it is a small nation. Steve is going to give you more information about that, how God has used his life and the evangelistic call that God has placed on his heart and the passion to reach the nations. So, a round of applause for the Reverend Steve Horning. Welcome Steve. Blessings.

Thank you very much, the Lord bless you all. I am very happy to be here among all of you. I live in Manchester, New Hampshire and there are 2 months left until I move to Spain, to Andorra. Andorra is a small country between France and Spain in the Pyrenees, the lowest level of any city of the 13 cities in Andorra is 5,000 feet, almost like Mount Washington, and the highest is 10,000 feet. And it is a small country that speaks Catalan, Spanish and French, the 3 languages. There are 3 schools: the Catalan, the French and the Spanish and everything is governed by the 3 countries and is 700 years old. So it's much older than the US, right? And in those 700 years the country that was established by Charlemagne is a place where until 1989 no born again Christian was known.

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