Dr. Miranda : God's travels

Dr. Roberto Miranda
Dr. Roberto Miranda

SUMMARY: God calls us to a journey with Him that is both physical and spiritual. It's a journey of exploration and discovery within ourselves, where everything that happens has a purpose and meaning. Even in difficult times, we can trust that God is with us and nothing is wasted. God is infinitely creative and enjoys watching us grow and develop. We should not fear the journey, but embrace it with confidence because God is faithful to finish what He started.

God sends us on journeys in order to teach us different facets of his being and his relationship with us. These experiences can include failure, betrayal, sin, illness, economic crisis, marital problems, and more. Through these experiences, God forms our character, attitude, and ministerial mentality, and helps us to understand who He truly is. The journey also helps us to know ourselves, so that we can better serve God. We should not fear the journey, as God is always with us and will bring us to a successful conclusion. Even great biblical figures like Paul struggled with pride and weakness, but God used them anyway. God inspires the Scriptures, but does not dictate them word for word, allowing for the writers' personalities and experiences to shine through.

The Lord uses all of our experiences to train us and prepare us for greatness. He may allow struggles and opponents in our lives to strengthen us and take us to new heights. We must trust in God's plan and know that every aspect of our journey makes sense and is not wasted. God is a coach who will push us out of our comfort zones to bring hidden greatness to light. Discipline is necessary for growth and righteousness. God loves hard-working, brave, enterprising, and creative people. The Kingdom of Heaven belongs to those who are strong and brave. God is in the travel business, and He sends us on journeys to prepare us for our destinies.

God is in the travel business, as seen in the journeys that He sends His people on. The 40-year journey of the Jewish people in the wilderness was not just a coincidence, but a deliberate plan of God to establish legal and judicial precedents and to exhibit certain principles of His way of acting with man. Similarly, in our lives, God sometimes allows us to go through failure and suffering to strengthen us before the devil can destroy us. He takes us on trips where we know ourselves, and then He can work with us and use us as He wants. We all have to be broken if we want to be used by God, and sometimes He will test us, break us, scare us, and put us through trying times, but we can trust that He knows exactly what we can withstand.

The message of the sermon is that brokenness is beautiful to God because it allows Him to express His power through us. Everything that happens in our lives has a purpose and is ultimately for our good, even if we cannot understand it at the time. We should trust in God's love and sovereignty, even in difficult times, and live life with joy and celebration because God has already taken care of everything. Our job is to simply enjoy the journey and trust in His plan.

I am standing up here letting the Lord direct my thoughts, I have here some things to back me up, just in case, but I have been, says the Lord, what is the next idea that you want me to share with my brothers, and I have in the mind here an image of the journey, the journeys of God and the processes of God. We have a God of journeys and processes and that is what I am going to try to share with you here, that the Lord speaks through these minutes.

When you enter into the ways of the Lord, and you conceive the desire to serve the Lord in some way in your life and to be used by God and you enter into the development of your gift God gives you give a travel ticket, it is not only a physical journey, but it is above all a spiritual journey and it is a journey within yourself, within the unexplored territory that is within you. You are a world, you are a universe, you have a limited and concrete body, but God has created you in such a way that you are also a galaxy, you are a precious world, your mind, your spirit, your emotions, your ideas, your Thoughts, your will, your experiences, all these things make you a dimension where you can go in and travel and explore and discover things.

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