a journey of faith

Dr. Roberto Miranda
(Audio: Spanish)

SUMMARY: The writer of Hebrews chapter 11 talks about the faith to which we are being called. The sermon given to the English ministry was inspired by God's call to a new stage of faith and the process that the Church has been going through over the years. The writer of Hebrews discusses the moment in which God calls Abraham to leave everything familiar and comfortable and go to the land that God would show him. This moment is essential in every journey of faith and requires putting aside something valuable for something unknown. Faith is the currency of the Kingdom of God and the just shall live by faith. The Christian race requires living by principles and not emotions. God demands much from us, but we must learn to navigate by faith and take one step at a time. The path is made by walking and seeking all the light that we can. Abraham had two great moments of faith, one when he left his land and family, and the other when he was asked to sacrifice Isaac. In both instances, he obeyed God and lived by faith.

In this sermon, the speaker reflects on the story of Abraham and his journey of faith, highlighting his willingness to follow God's call and trust in His plan even when he did not know where he was going. The speaker also emphasizes the importance of being a pilgrim people, open to God's guidance and willing to move when He calls, and warns against falling in love with what we have and becoming stagnant in our journey. The speaker encourages the congregation to continue to trust in God's plan and be willing to take risks in obedience to Him.

The speaker shares his personal journey of faith and how God has called him to leave what is comfortable and take risks. He believes that God speaks through metaphors and winks at us behind the scenes to show us something to jump into by faith. He encourages the audience to trust in God's guidance and take risks in obedience to Him. He also believes that humanity is in a time of great importance and we need to be prepared for what is to come.

The world is in turmoil and God requires a Church that can give counsel and wisdom to the nations. He is looking for warriors who are willing to obey Him and be authentic in their faith. This Church must be willing to live at a borderline spirituality and be uncomfortable, insomniac, and always thinking about the Kingdom. God tests His warriors before using them, and only those willing to sell their lives and despise it to death will be chosen. The Church must be generous, not love money or prestige, and be willing to deliver everything at the feet of the Lord. The Church is being called to be birds of prey, eagles that soar in the heights and hunt for the Kingdom of God. We must give everything we love about ourselves to the Lord and strip ourselves of every weight that is not pleasing to Him. The Lion of Judah Congregation is giving their lives and everything they have to the Lord for His glory and honor.

Hebrews chapter 11 is a well-known passage about the faith to which we are being called. Let me start by saying something about the origin of this message that I shared this morning with the English ministry, and perhaps most of all I wanted to share it with that particular group, not the English ministry but that group from that English service, I shared that sermon because it was like the first time we explored this possibility of a service at 9 in the morning exclusively in English, and I felt from the Lord that it was like opening something new, something different, although we have already done similar things, and that it was a moment of certain weight , and wanted to mark it in the biblical framework of faith and understanding as a Church.

And yesterday afternoon while I was asking the Lord for wisdom about what to preach that would do justice to that moment, the image of Abraham came to mind when God calls him and tells him to leave his land and his family to a place that He would show her, and it seems to me that this is the moment in which this Church finds itself and the process that this Church has been living through the years, of which this stage is part and is a new manifestation of those instructions that we receive from the Lord from time to time to make changes and adjustments in our ministry.

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