A journey of spiritual growth

Gregory Bishop
(Audio: Spanish)

SUMMARY: The life of Abraham is a journey of faith, both geographically and spiritually. God called him to leave everything and go to an unknown place, promising to bless and protect him if he trusted in Him. Abraham took the risk and God fulfilled His promises. However, Abraham also had his failures, such as lying about his wife in Egypt. Despite his faults, God remained faithful and blessed him. The tests and trials of life are for us to learn and trust in God more. We must learn to love God above all else, even if it is a process.

The story of Abraham and Lot is a lesson in faith and trust in God. Abraham had a family conflict with his nephew Lot, but instead of fighting for the best land, he chose to be generous and let Lot choose. Abraham trusted that God would take care of him. Later, when Lot was captured in a war, Abraham had to decide if he would trust God enough to fight for his nephew. Through these tests, Abraham learned to let God fight his battles and to walk by faith in God's promises.

Abraham had to fight his own battles but learned to trust God to fight them for him. He won a great battle with 318 men and learned that God is faithful. He then had to choose between two kings, one good and one bad, and chose to trust the good king Melchizedek, who blessed him and taught him about the most high God. Abraham responded with worship and tithing. He refused to take anything from the bad king and acknowledged God's sovereignty. We too should trust God and believe in His promises for our lives and for the nations.

Genesis 13. In the service in English we are doing a service each week of the lives of the patriarchs in the Bible beginning with Abraham. We are studying his life and how his life is a journey of faith, it is a literal journey but it is also a journey of spiritual growth.

On the one hand, God called this man to go from one country to another country. I don't know if anyone here has had that experience of going from one country to another country. This in itself is an adventure, right? God called him to do it and it is a journey as we know it, not only a geographical journey but also a spiritual journey because God is teaching him, forging him, changing his life, teaching him to trust Him because God made promises to him.

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