Romans 12:14-21

Dr. Roberto Miranda
(Audio: Spanish)

SUMMARY: In Romans 12:14-21, the author discusses the attitude of mercy and the Christian concept of love. The passage disassembles love into its constituent parts and presents them in their possible manifestations in human relationships, both in the context of the church and the world. The author emphasizes the importance of love in congregational behavior and the relationship with each other. The author also discusses the importance of behaving lovingly towards outsiders and loving enemies. The essence of the Gospel lies in refusing to retaliate or seek revenge and instead embracing divine, angelic sensitivity. The author encourages Christians to try to live up to these high standards of love and grace, even though it is not always easy.

In this sermon, the speaker encourages the congregation to have a generous and forgiving attitude towards those who have wronged them. He emphasizes the importance of releasing grudges and letting go of bitterness, as it only harms oneself. The speaker also urges the congregation to be united and work towards harmony, despite differences in culture and background. He emphasizes the importance of humility and treating those who may be considered lower in society with respect and love. The message is that as followers of Christ, we should strive to live in a way that reflects his love and forgiveness towards others.

The speaker emphasizes the importance of treating everyone with respect and consideration, regardless of their differences. He warns against haughtiness and encourages humility, acknowledging that we all need God's wisdom in our lives. The Christian must seek to do good for others and avoid revenge, leaving justice to God. The speaker concludes by urging listeners not to be overcome by evil, but to overcome it with good.

The speaker overhears a conversation about a Mary Kay convention and is impressed by the hotel parking manager's ability to remain ethical and not let the negative attitude of a convention-goer affect him. The speaker asks the Lord to help them embrace this ethic of Jesus Christ and be agents of blessing. They urge the congregation to uproot revenge and retribution and be like Jesus, who blessed his persecutors on the cross, and Stephen, who asked God to forgive his stoners. The speaker encourages forgiveness, grace, and restoration towards those who have offended us and urges the Holy Spirit to strengthen us in our desire to follow Jesus.

Let's go to Romans, Chapter 12, we are continuing our study and we are already approaching the final stretch, verse 14 onwards. I am going to read it first before entering into any comment, if you do not have your Bible, glory to God, thanks for the brothers who put it here.

If you need translation, if you don't have earphones, please raise your hand, I'll be very happy to have someone…, back here there's one, ok…. Brother ushers, there is a young man here who needs translation. If you need translation just let us know please and we'll be happy to provide you with some earphones.

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