Romans 12 (Part 5)

Dr. Roberto Miranda
Dr. Roberto Miranda
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SUMMARY: In this sermon, the speaker continues on verse 9 of Romans 12, which emphasizes the attitudes that Christians should have towards one another. The first command is for love to be without pretensions, without any dark element of manipulation or self-interest. Love should be an expression of the desire to bless someone, without any ulterior motives or expectations. The speaker urges listeners to ask God to purify their love and help them to love the way Jesus loved, devoid of all the baser interests. The sermon ends with a moment of repentance and a call to be like Jesus Christ in our love towards one another.

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We are going to continue on verse 9, that’s where we stopped last time if I’m not mistaken. Let’s pick up from there. We are preaching a series of sermons that I have called “horizontal sermons”. We call them horizontal sermons because they not only allude to those things that are related to obvious things of the spirit, such as healing or supernatural manifestations, or displays of God’s power and so on and so forth, but really they refer to things of this earth, relationships, attitudes, character, things that we Christians, so often stumble upon, that are so necessary for a Godly blessed life. We’ve been reading the first 8 verses of Romans, chapter 12, deriving our meditation from these verses. We will continue this today.

Let’s go to verse 9, Romans, 12. “Let love be without pretensions. Hate what is evil and follow that is good. Love each other with a fraternal, with affectionate love. As far as honor is concerned, express preference one for the other, or give preference to each other. In what requires diligence, do not be sluggish; be fervent in spirit, serve the Lord, be joyous in hope and be long suffering when you find yourself in tribulation, be constant in prayer, sharing in the needs of all the saints and practicing hospitality.”

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