A Simple Life (Romans 12:1) Part 3

Dr. Roberto Miranda
Dr. Roberto Miranda
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SUMMARY: In Romans 12, Paul calls on Christians to present their lives as a sacrifice to the Lord, to live a life of transformation through the renewal of the mind and understanding, and to not conform to the customs and culture of society. He emphasizes the importance of knowing oneself and having a sober, accurate, and modest view of oneself. Paul recognizes that his ministry and function as an Apostle come from the grace and gift provided by God. Christians should relate to each other with gratitude and humility, using the gifts and positions they occupy with a sense of debt to the Lord. Reading the Bible and other good books on emotions and human relationships can help Christians exercise the art of discerning themselves and measuring their family past. By knowing oneself accurately and modestly, Christians can conquer a nation and become powerful.

It is important to know ourselves honestly and accurately in order to live life with sobriety and simplicity of heart. We should accept ourselves as we are and not focus on one thing we may lack, as each of us plays an important role in human ecology. Our value is not given by external factors such as relationships or community, but by God who created us. We should see ourselves in what we are precisely and know that we have something to give and are worth it.

The value of a person is not given by external factors such as a spouse, a partner, or a community. It is given by God who created them. It is important to accept oneself, flaws and all, and seek validation and value in God. Insecurity can lead to damaged relationships, while a healthy sense of self can bless others. It is important to focus on God and ask for emotional healing. The sermon ends with an invitation to accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.

A simple life

In this series based on Romans 12, Dr. Miranda emphasizes that God calls us to transform rather than adapt to today's culture. If we take God seriously, He will take us seriously and we will see great changes in our lives.

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Romans, Chapter 12. You will remember that we are preaching a series of sermons that I have called horizontal sermons referring to those simple, daily life practices, not very sensational but that are part of a blessed and healthy life. It is the second Sunday and we have not really entered the most practical part of all yet. We have stayed in the prelude where there in Chapter 12, the first two verses Paul calls us, and it is like the fundamental text. Those first two verses are the basis of what he will later develop in the next few verses.

It tells us about presenting our lives to the Lord as a sacrifice which constitutes true worship. The adoration that truly pleases the Lord is the life given to Him, the life penetrated by His principles, the life in obedience, the life that reflects the lordship of Jesus Christ, and Paul calls us not to conform to the customs of society and of the culture in which we live but to live a life of transformation through the perpetual renewal of the mind and understanding, of thoughts. In this way he says you will be able to experience the good will of God, the intentions that God has for you, you will prove and experience them as you surrender your lives and refuse to conform to the way the world lives life.

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