Romans 8:18-27

Dr. Roberto Miranda
(Audio: Spanish)

SUMMARY: In Romans 8:18-27, the Apostle Paul talks about the blessings of being a Christian and walking in the spirit. He emphasizes that there is no condemnation for those who believe in Jesus Christ and that we owe nothing to the flesh and the world. Rather, our loyalty and inheritance come from our alliance with the spirit. Paul also discusses the concept of adoption and how we are now heirs of God and joint-heirs with Christ. He then goes on to say that the afflictions of the present time are not comparable to the coming glory that God has in store for us. This promise of eternal life should be the most powerful hope and concept in our lives as believers.

The concept of the blessed hope of the believer is the promise that God has for us to enter into eternal life after we die, and for all of creation to be redeemed and entered into a glory that we cannot understand now. The Apostle Paul knew about this promise because he had been to heaven and saw the glory of Paradise. For the believer, death is a journey to eternity and the glory of God, and we should cultivate the certainty that we are saved and that what awaits us is something glorious. All of creation also groans for the day of our release, when we will be renewed and transformed, and creation itself will rejoice.

The speaker discusses the concept of the groaning of creation, where all aspects of creation are waiting for the day of release and redemption. The current state of the earth, with natural disasters and the reluctance of the earth to produce its fruit, is seen as a result of sin and the corruption of creation. However, there is hope for believers in the transformation of their bodies and the renewal of all creation. The speaker encourages believers to remain firm and constant in their faith and to continue growing in the work of the Lord, knowing that their labor is not in vain. The ultimate reward of eternal life in a renewed world awaits those who remain faithful.

I invite you to look in the letter to the Romans, Chapter 8, we are going to continue with verses 18 to 27, Romans 8:18 to 27. And we are taking a tour of that Chapter that the Lord has placed in our hearts, a Key chapter, very beautiful of the Scriptures, full of teachings and concepts, very powerful spiritual principles. I think of the new brothers in the faith who need to learn certain terms. When we use terms like damnation, like heirs, like walking in the spirit...,

My brother God bless you, good to see you. Nice to have you with us this morning. God bless you greatly.

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