Seeing is not Believing (Mark 9:14)

Samuel Acevedo
Samuel Acevedo
(Audio: Spanish)

SUMMARY: The passage from Mark 9:14-29 tells the story of Jesus encountering a powerless church and a crowd with problems, including a boy possessed by a demon. Despite the disciples being authorized to cast out demons, they were unable to do so in this case. The message is that the power of God is available to the church, but it is limited by our faith. If we believe, all things are possible, as God is almighty and can do anything. The filter that limits the transfer of God's power is our own faith, which needs to be strong and clean to allow God's power to flow through us.

The problem is not that God is not Almighty, but that people do not believe in Him. The postmodern era, where no one believes in absolute truth, is not new as the Bible speaks of an unbelieving generation. Even when people see signs and miracles, they still doubt. Believing is not a decision of the mind, but of the heart. The Lord offers us the miracle of faith, and it is through faith that we can see and feel the supernatural. The wrath of God is revealed against those who reject the evidence of God's existence. We can come to believe by opening our hearts to the power of God.

The speaker encourages the audience to believe in God and take steps of faith, such as obeying God's word and moving in His promises. He also suggests uniting with other believers to exercise faith together. The speaker shares an example of how greeting a man with a mental handicap led to a gradual relationship and unity in faith. He invites anyone who has not yet received Jesus as their savior to make a profession of faith.

How many believe that the Lord has something great and powerful for the city of Boston? How many believe that the Lord has something great and powerful for the Lion of Judah Congregation. Let's go to Mark, Chapter 9, brothers, beginning with verse 14.

My prayer this morning, brothers, is that we all cross a border, that we cross an invisible border. I declare it from now on, declaring what is not as if it were, and in the end any borders that we have to cross to conquer the terrain that the Lord has for our individual lives, as a church endowed for special things, in a precise city May the Lord fulfill it according to his name. And we have a long road ahead of us and a heavy task.

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