Second Corinthians 13:5

Samuel Acevedo
(Audio: English)

SUMMARY: The truth is often avoided by many of us, but it is the very thing that can set us free. In Second Corinthians, chapter 13, Paul urges the church in Corinth to examine themselves and test their faith. He reminds them that Christ is with them and that they cannot do anything against the truth, but only for the truth. The truth can be unbearable, but Jesus says that it will set us free. There is a universal truth that governs all of humanity, and the self-help industry is based on the idea of replicable principles that we can tie into and maximize to our advantage. We cannot break the laws that govern our reality, but we can break ourselves against them.

The speaker is discussing the importance of aligning oneself with the laws of God in order to live a life that honors God and receives His blessings. Confession is a key component of this, as it allows us to admit our sins and commit to aligning ourselves with God's law. The speaker emphasizes the need to know oneself and also to know God, particularly through His grace and love. Ultimately, the speaker encourages listeners to allow God to love them and to align their lives with His law.

The speaker encourages the audience to let their guards down and allow God's love in, as He knows everything about us and still loves us. He explains that fellowship is a friendship with a purpose, and the Holy Spirit is our guide on the path of sanctification. The Holy Spirit will guide us into all truth and tell us what is to come, and we should embrace the truth to have breakthroughs in our lives. The speaker invites the audience to pray with him to commit to living their lives God's way and allowing the Holy Spirit to work in their lives.

Most of us spend energy and time avoiding the very thing that can provoke the most powerful breakthroughs in our lives. We spend a lot of our time, most of humanity spends most of its time and energy avoiding the very thing that can set them free.

Tonight we’re going to talk about the truth as God sees it and we’re going to talk about embracing the truth. Now, that’s a scary proposition for many of us, hang in there, God has a way of doing this. And we’re going to read someone’s mail, we’re going to look at Second Corinthians, chapter 13.

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