The truth will set you free

Kris Kile
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SUMMARY: Kris, a teacher and disciple of God, speaks about love, transformation, and freedom. He invites the audience to fully participate in his message by listening with an open and honest heart and mind, raising their hands to answer questions, and considering the message in light of their own lives. Kris emphasizes the connection between loving God and loving one's neighbor, saying that if one claims to love God but hates their brother, they are a liar. He also discusses the link between love and freedom, explaining that by focusing on loving others instead of oneself, one can live in God's reality and experience a new level of freedom. Kris concludes by discussing the idea of truth as reality and how understanding and living in this reality can bring about freedom.

The fog of life is caused by the filters through which we see life. Our worldview is made up of our experiences, beliefs, and perceptions. Scripture says that the heart is deceitful and desperately wicked, so our thoughts and emotions can be clouded by this deceitfulness. The solution is to live responsibly, be clear about our vision, be open and honest in our relationships, and commit to acting in faith. This produces clarity and freedom in life. The speaker offers a training seminar to support people in exercising these principles.

Kris is involved in a ministry of teaching, in instruction and discipling and we’ve known him for many years. We have been meeting with Kris over the years, we know him as a man who serves de Lord. God has given him the gift of teaching and instruction and have spoken about, a few weeks ago, about having him come to the church and just share with us his visions for transformative work that God wants to do in our lives and so we are here to just receive from you, brother. Welcome and again we invite you to feel free to do as the Lord leads you and to bless us with what God has given to you this morning.

Well, hello. It’s great to be with you today. I have several very close friends who are part of this congregation. One sitting right there …… and I’ve been excited about the vision that you have here for many years. From my perspective what you’re doing here, not only is having a huge impact here in the Boston area, but I believe that I God is going, is and will continue to use what you’re doing here to change the world far beyond. So, as such I’ve been excited to be able to see what you’re doing and it is a great privilege to be with you here today and it’s a great joy. So thank you.

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The truth will make you free
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