Ephesians 1 (Part 2)

Dr. Roberto Miranda
(Audio: English)

SUMMARY: The speaker discusses different considerations to take into account when studying the Bible, including historical and theological terms, linguistic and stylistic considerations, manuscript considerations, authorship, and the purpose of the book. They emphasize the importance of understanding the centrality of Jesus Christ in the Christian life, and how everything received from God is through and in Christ. The speaker also shares a personal example of taking a day off to pray and meditate on the Lord.

The speaker emphasizes the importance of yoking oneself to Christ and taking time to renew one's relationship with Him. He explains that God chose us to be holy and blameless, using the Greek words 'agios' and 'amomos'. 'Agios' means separated from and separated for, while 'amomos' refers to the quality of a sacrificial victim without defect or flaw. The speaker acknowledges that no one is perfect, but encourages striving towards blamelessness and holiness through Christ. He also notes that God sees us as blameless through the lens of Jesus Christ and His sacrifice.

In this sermon, the speaker discusses the concept of being blameless before God through Jesus Christ. He explains that God sees us as blameless through the lens of Jesus Christ and the blood of Jesus Christ. The speaker emphasizes the importance of knowing this, as it allows us to rest and not live our lives in perpetual guilt and striving for God's love and approval.

The speaker also discusses the sovereignty of God and how everything is according to his pleasure and will. He stresses the importance of understanding that God is the source of everything and that even the words we use to praise him are really his creation.

The speaker then goes on to discuss the concept of adoption in the Roman world and how it was a thorough transference of identity. He explains that by being adopted by God through Jesus Christ, we have a new identity, ownership, purpose, and destiny.

Overall, the sermon emphasizes the importance of understanding our Christian identity and the wonderful, sovereign work of God.

The Christian identity is part of a beautiful drama created by God, and those who believe in Christ are part of it. Even in suffering, victory, or struggling with sin, believers have great dignity and meaning because they are part of God's story. Christians are adopted, ennobled, and predestined by God, and they should never lose sight of their value and purpose. The prayer ends with worship and gratitude to God.

Look at the passage where we left off last week. One of the things for example, that I just share with you about, when you’re studying a text of the Bible is there are different kinds of considerations that you could take into account, that can help you to understand the whole book or sometimes an expression that you’re using or rather that you’re reading.

So, for example, you know, you will see that as we study these chapters we’re looking at historical considerations that you know, people speak of context. I mean, the history of, you know, where was Ephesus, and what was Asia Minor, and what were some of the concerns that Paul was addressing here, the whole….. the corruption for example, of the whole Greco Roman world.

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