Immigration and the renewal of the sacred

Dr. Roberto Miranda
Dr. Roberto Miranda

SUMMARY: The Anglo-Saxon culture in America has distanced itself from its spiritual origins and seeks to replace it with science, art, and ethics. However, it is enriched by the vitality and warmth of Latin American cultures that are still connected to earth, heaven, and hell through their myths and religious beliefs. The daily interactions between these two cultures through marriage, friendships, schools, and neighborhoods lead to an evolutionary process that mixes the modern with the ancient, reason with the primitive, and renews the sacred. Immigrants from the South, who were evangelized by North American missionaries in the past, now return as evangelizers, bringing with them the possibility of renewing the flame of faith in America. León de Judá Congregation is an example of a subtle missionary station that plants small seeds of faith and spiritual renewal in American culture.

Part 16 - [March 22, 2009] This Anglo-Saxon culture that has distanced itself from its spiritual origins, seeking to make science, art and ethics its new religion, which persists in submerging its foundations Christians in a yearning for pluralism and social experimentation, pale and decay from eating daily that sterile rational bread that ultimately does not feed the soul. It desperately needs the vitality and warmth that only humbler cultures like ours can provide. These Latin American cultures are still connected to earth, heaven, and hell through their myths and religious beliefs. Ironically, they are enriched by poverty, suffering and intellectual backwardness. Their centuries-long pain produces noble and self-sacrificing people, with an instinctive understanding of the sacred and the mysterious. They arrive in this country resignedly carrying their saints, their virgins and their rituals while they cross the borders in search of their own destiny.

Every day there are innumerable transactions in this country between the members of these two worlds: blood is crossed in marriage; new friendships are established in schools and universities; Homogeneous neighborhoods are forced to interact with people of unknown customs and language. New restaurants are visited and new foods and new species are purchased: combinations and permutations of an evolutionary process that mixes the modern with the ancient, reason with the primitive; spiritual engineering that renews the sacred and preserves the Mystery in a culture.

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