Univision : The Path of Faith - Part 1

Gregory Bishop
(Audio: Spanish)

SUMMARY: The Univisión series "El sendero de la fe" explores the growing number of Hispanics who are turning to Christianity, either through the Catholic charismatic movement or in one of the growing Latino, Protestant, Evangelical, or Pentecostal congregations. Many believers say they have had a new birth experience in Jesus Christ, and these evangelical churches offer a deep spirituality that fills a natural desire for affirmation and closeness with God. The Rev. Greg Bishop of the Lion of Judah Congregation explains that being a Christian is something extreme that radically changes life, but it is something that is done without imposing. Unlike most Catholic parishes in the country, there are also evangelical congregations whose sole purpose is to attend to the needs of the communities they serve through worship in their language, educational programs, and even immigration services.

Gregory Bishop, a pastor with the Lion of Judah Congregation, explains the benefits of the gospel for new believers. The interview is part of 'El sendero de la fe', a Univisión series produced by Carolina Pereira. Original broadcast date: November 21, 2006.

Unvision: We change the subject and it is that in these violent times there are many people who say they are experiencing a profound spirituality, among they, many Hispanics.

That's right, Sara, and today in the second part of the special "The Path of Faith", Ana Carolina Pereyra introduces us to some Christian religions that are fostering this approach to God. Ana:

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