Truly offended! what should be the answer?

Dr. Roberto Miranda
(Audio: Spanish)

SUMMARY: The preacher discusses the current state of division and offense in America, caused by various groups feeling neglected and mistreated. He cites the example of the recent marches and protests and the controversy surrounding Confederate statues as evidence of this division. He notes that only Jesus Christ can free us from this division and offers a biblical example from the story of Dinah in Genesis 34. Shechem, a pagan man, dishonors Dinah, a Jewish woman, by raping her. However, he later falls in love with her and speaks tenderly to her. He asks his father to intercede on his behalf to marry Dinah and make things right with her family. The preacher emphasizes that there is no endorsement of Shechem's terrible act and that the Bible abhors the abuse of women.

The story of Dina and Shechem in the Book of Genesis shows the importance of forgiveness and mercy in the face of offenses. Although Shechem committed a terrible act by raping Dina, his father Hamor came to Jacob and his sons to intercede on his behalf and offer reparations. Jacob, who had also made mistakes in his life, understood the importance of forgiveness and mercy. The Bible teaches us to love and forgive as God does, and to have a broad and generous vision that believes in the possibility of redemption for even the worst offenders. Christians must pray, wait, and fight spiritually against the powers of darkness, and overcome hatred with love and blessings. Holding onto grudges only poisons oneself and gives the devil an opportunity to take advantage.

The sermon discusses the story of Dinah and her brothers in Genesis and how their revengeful actions were not in line with God's will. The speaker emphasizes the importance of forgiveness and not allowing our faith to be corrupted by the arguments of revenge and the devil. He also urges Christians to not allow the Church to become part of the struggle and to use the weapons and spirit of the Word in Philippians 2, which is the spirit of humility and grace. The speaker concludes that God's justice will prevail, and Christians should focus on healing and reconciliation rather than revenge.

The speaker encourages the congregation to not get involved in the struggles of men and to use the tools of love, mercy, tolerance, and forgiveness. He urges them to wait and meditate on things happening in the world, as sometimes God is doing mysterious things that we cannot understand. He emphasizes the importance of love, forgiveness, and reconciliation between different races and renounces all forms of racism and vengeance. He prays for the spirit of Jesus to fill the church and for love to be the hallmark of the congregation.

How should we relate to what is happening right now in this nation? Should we take up arms against the dominant political process or should we affirm and strengthen it, how do we reconcile our desire for justice with the need for the law to prevail, where is the grace, where is the love? it is a swarm of contradictions and the children of God need advice from their pulpits, from their spiritual leaders.

I launched myself into that preaching in the Name of the Lord and I know that even here among us who are Latinos, and that I believe that theologically there is more unity in certain areas, I believe that right here if we took an exam there are many who think one way and others who think another, and they are all pious Christians who love the Lord and who love the truth, and are people of mercy and love, and yet we are divided with each other.

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