Soto - The kingdom of heaven

Omar Soto
(Audio: Spanish)

SUMMARY: The speaker describes a powerful prayer session where the group of believers took off their shoes and prayed together in intimacy before God. He explains that fasting is a discipline that changes us, not God, and that God desires to bless us but needs us to change and be transformed. The speaker then looks at Philippians 1:27 and encourages believers to behave in a manner worthy of the Gospel of Christ, being good citizens of both their earthly city and the Kingdom of Heaven. He emphasizes the importance of following laws and patterns of life, while also focusing on citizenship in God's kingdom.

The Kingdom of Heaven is a citizenship that believers need to pay attention to, and it is characterized by a new system of government defined by God, the fruits of the spirit, and the interruption and defeat of the works of the kingdom of darkness. Jesus demonstrated the Kingdom of Heaven through healing and miracles, forgiveness of sins, and total liberation from oppression. Believers are called to draw a line against the enemy and take the Kingdom of Heaven by force.

The speaker encourages the audience to live in a manner worthy of the Gospel of Christ, even in the face of opposition and suffering. He emphasizes the constant clash between the Kingdom of God and the kingdom of darkness, and urges listeners to be brave and willing to lay hands on things in order to be part of God's Kingdom. The speaker also stresses the importance of unity among believers, and the need for their conduct to bear witness to the values of the Kingdom of God. The speaker shares a personal testimony about his commitment to fasting and the struggle to remain faithful to his commitment. He concludes by reminding the audience that God will give them words and wisdom to defend their faith, and encourages them to be a witness through their actions.

The prayer is asking God to help us behave in a manner worthy of his Gospel and be good citizens of his Kingdom. It asks for conviction and transformation in our hearts to be willing to preach the Gospel through our actions, not just words. The prayer also asks for strength for those fasting and for blessings to be multiplied for those around us. It ends with a blessing for the people in attendance.

This past Sunday that we had the call for prayer here at night, brothers, I tell you that it was a moment of prayer like never before. To put it in the words of my brother Gonzalo, it was a moment of total intimacy before God.

And you know that when you are in intimacy before God you feel totally free to do what you want before Him. And it was so beautiful and so beautiful to be able to see my brothers and sisters that together we took off our shoes, and we sat on the floor, praying, crying, laughing in front of the Lord's presence, listening to his word, spending moments of silence, it was a great time. We didn't have any plans. I was amused because Pastor Samuel says that Greg, Samuel, and I meet here at 7 and we look at each other's faces like what are we going to do, what's going to happen. And the answer was: 'well, why did we come? Let's pray, then, pray. That's the most we can do nothing else. Well, let's pray. And that's where we follow him, brothers, if God took control of all things.

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