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Dr. Roberto Miranda
Dr. Roberto Miranda : Speech given at Massachussetts State House November 19, 2006
Dr. Roberto Miranda passionately demands that the people of Massachusetts be allowed to vote on the issue of gay marriage and criticizes the hypocrisy of gay activists who claim to be victims but act as oppressors. He warns that the powerful and politically sophisticated gay activist movement will exploit every avenue available to advance its expansive agenda.

Dr. Roberto Miranda
Dr. Roberto Miranda: General Pastor of the León de Judá Congregation
Dr. Roberto Miranda was the pastor of Congregación León de Judá since 1985 and passed away in 2022.

Dr. Roberto Miranda
Dr. Miranda : At U.S. Congress Press Conference Sept 28, 2004
Dr. Roberto Miranda speaks at a press conference organized by the Alliance for Marriage at the U.S. Congress, expressing support for traditional marriage laws and the Alliance's marriage amendment to protect Latino community values.

Prophecy for Congregation Lion of Judah and Dr. Miranda
Reverend Paul Taylor delivers a message from God to the Congregation Lion of Judah, discussing the importance of having a heart after God, breaking away from religion, and receiving wisdom, strategy, promotions, and wealth from God.