Prophecy for Congregation Lion of Judah and Dr. Miranda

Paul Taylor

SUMMARY: Reverend Paul Taylor is invited to bless the church and deliver a message from God. He speaks about expanding the church's vision and reaching out to the world through both church and marketplace ministries. Paul Taylor also mentions his upcoming mission trip to Peru and asks for prayer cover. He encourages the congregation to recognize their anointing and gifting and to train themselves to think positively about themselves as mighty men and women of God. He then reads from Revelation 11:15 and 2 Samuel 2:1, highlighting the importance of having a heart after God and the need for the church to break away from religion and move towards a relationship with Jesus.

The speaker discusses the rise of David's kingdom and the decline of Saul's kingdom in the Bible. He emphasizes that God is calling for a church with a heart after Him, rather than just a form of godliness. He encourages listeners to believe in the promises of God and to stop limiting themselves to what they can do, but to attempt what only God can do. He also discusses the importance of worship, intercession, and wisdom in the church. The speaker believes that God is releasing warriors, worshipers, and wisdom into the church to help them fulfill their destiny.

The speaker gives a prophetic message about God releasing wisdom, strategy, promotions, and wealth to the congregation. He emphasizes that the wealth is not just money, but also influence and spoils of war. He encourages the congregation to ask for what they want and to recognize their pastor and his wife as leaders in the region. He prays for the pastor and his wife to receive greater anointing and protection.

I want to invite Reverend Paul Taylor to come forward, to bless us again this afternoon. I hope… anybody who needs the translation, by the way, do you have headphones, does anybody need. Guys relax, no need for headphones today. Paul Taylor has a regional vision, really has a kingdom mind and an anointing that carries him through different parts of the region, and of the states carrying this vision for prayer and for the prophetic anointing, and it’s just a wonderful ministry to the North East Prayer Center that brings churches together, and that promotes this vision of revival and of renewal among God’s people, he’s a personal friend, a man who has brought joy to my life with his friendship and his vision and his anointing as well which I know are going to be a part of today. Let’s just welcome Paul Taylor to our church today.

Praise the Lord. It is so wonderful to be here today. Someone asked me: do you understand anything that is being spoken? I know you by the spirit, I don’t to have understand the words. There is only one language in heaven and we will speak it. Praise God. No matter where I go, and I go to a lot of Brazilian churches, I understand and know by the spirit. And it’s such a wonderful thing to be here I your presence, but most importantly to be in His presence. I scent a wonderful anointing near this morning and we’ve already experience a wonderful service earlier.

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