Man, are you acting according to your role?

Dr. Roberto Miranda
(Audio: Spanish)

SUMMARY: The speaker is using Ephesians 5:21-33 to talk about healthy relationships between men and women, particularly in the context of marriage and family. He emphasizes that both men and women are called to love and submit to each other, and that love is not just an emotion but an act of discipline and a decision of the will. He also acknowledges that the curse of sin has affected relationships between men and women, but encourages men to exemplify the image of leadership that Christ offers and to play the role of a servant leader in the home. He acknowledges that there are women who are also scoundrels, but believes that most of the problems society is facing with respect to the family are due to men not playing the part that Christ wants them to play.

The speaker believes that many problems in society, particularly with regards to the family, are due to men not fulfilling their role as Christ wants them to. The devil is trying to destroy the original image that God wants to implant in men and women, and the church needs to fight to rescue and return to the word to learn what God wants from a man and a woman. The speaker believes that being a leader in the home means loving one's wife as Christ loved the church, and being responsible for the decisions and behavior that affect the well-being of the home. Women want security, communication, and a man who admits his fragility. The speaker believes that men should share leadership with their wives and encourage them to develop their spiritual leadership and grow as human beings. The speaker also discusses the crisis in society regarding homosexuality, and believes that part of the problem is that society, including the church, is not playing its proper role in helping men develop a healthy masculinity.

Society, including the church, is not playing its proper role in creating healthy images of masculinity and femininity, leading to disoriented and insecure children. There is a mismatch in the sexes' definition and a hostile environment to the formation of healthy images of men and women. Women are being sexualized and objectified, while men are either sick in their masculinity or falling into violence. The church needs to heal and restore marriage relationships and male-female relationships. Men need to repent of behavior that does not honor the Lord and exercise healthy, noble, gentle, fragile leadership of service. Women need to be benevolent presences in the home, accepting and encouraging healthy male leadership. Both men and women will receive blessings when they align with God's commands for marriage relationships.

The speaker urges men to embrace their roles as leaders and priests in their families and communities, and to be transformed by the renewing of their minds through the word of God. He emphasizes the importance of men being filled with the spirit, word, and image of Christ, and not being weak or lacking in masculinity. The speaker also calls for repentance and healing in the church, and for men to exemplify the values of the Gospel and be different from men in the world. Women are encouraged to confront any hurt or resentment towards men in their lives and to forgive them, and to embrace their identity as daughters of God. The ultimate goal is for the church to be healed and become a powerful force for good in society.

The speaker encourages everyone to explore and integrate every aspect of the word of the Lord into their lives, both big and small. They pray for God to change and heal the church and for everyone to walk and obey God's commandments, especially when it comes to the family of God. The speaker thanks the Lord and encourages everyone to receive the call of God in their lives.

Message again of what the Lord led me to share with the brothers of the 12 o'clock service, and I am going to base it, by the way I have not made notes or anything because I want it to come out with the same spontaneity with which it arose last Sunday at 12. But I am going to use the passage that the Lord gave me in Ephesians, Chapter 5 beginning with verse 21 and from there I am going to elaborate....

It says “... submit to one another in the fear of God.” Notice that the first thing that says that we all submit to one another, then begins a call. I want to speak to men this morning and I want to speak to women also from the context of the family, from the context of marriage, from the context of fatherhood and motherhood, from the context of healthy masculinity and femininity that God wants to instill in all of us that we belong to his kingdom. God wants to restore the human relationships that were broken in the fall of man in the Garden of Eden. And God now wants us as children of God renewed and saved by the blood of Jesus Christ, that our family lives exemplify and reflect the healing image of Jesus Christ.

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