A man's commitment

(Audio: Spanish)

SUMMARY: The speaker shares two poems, one about a virtuous woman and one about walking through thorns. He then expresses his concern about the lack of healthy marriages in the church and society, and urges men to be benevolent and loving partners to their wives, and for young men to prepare to be good husbands. He also acknowledges the many women who are alone due to failed marriages or mistreatment by men. He attributes the decline in healthy marriages to the society's increasing sexual corruption and calls for a commitment to holiness.

The speaker discusses the importance of men taking responsibility in their homes and being strong, loving, and faithful leaders. He emphasizes the need for men to provide security, support, and encouragement to their wives and children, and to be priests in their homes. The speaker also addresses the issue of pornography and sexual promiscuity among men, calling for a holy walk before God and seeking help if needed. He believes that a movement of active, dedicated, and humble men can bring about a revolutionary change in society.

The speaker addresses issues within the church regarding the roles of men and women in their marriages and families. He emphasizes the need for men to be strong, loving, responsible leaders in their homes, and for women to be supportive and respectful of their husbands' leadership. The speaker also calls for repentance and a commitment to living according to the values of the Gospel in order to heal and strengthen families. He encourages both men and women to seek help and accountability in addressing any issues or struggles in their relationships. The goal is to create healthy, balanced homes that reflect the values of God's word.

The speaker addresses the congregation, emphasizing the need for men to be transformed and not conform to the world's standards. He acknowledges that many men have been hurt and damaged in their masculinity, and invites them to pray for healing. The speaker also recognizes the need for women to receive healing from their own wounds and resentment, and invites them to come forward for prayer. He encourages everyone to leave their burdens at the altar and embrace their new identity as children of God.

The prayer is asking God to break the impossible cycle of carrying burdens and making unhealthy decisions. It's asking for healthy relationships and the ability to recognize and reject unhealthy ones. The prayer asks for healthy children and for mothers to raise them with God's teachings. The prayer also asks for young women to make healthy decisions and not give up their progeny. It asks for women to be centered on God and for mothers to set an example for their daughters. The prayer thanks God for bringing healing and holiness to homes and asks for His continued work in renewing minds to reject what is not His.

For the glory and honor of the Lord, I am going to tell you a poem that has the title 9 “Virtuous Woman”

Woman, gift of God
Faithful companion of man
That obey the creator by putting his name on high
One flesh belongs to his faithful companion
God said so when he put them in the garden
Help and doña you are
And with him you will live
Strive day by day
For it is the word of Jehovah.

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