David's Mighty Men

Dr. Roberto Miranda
(Audio: Spanish)

SUMMARY: The passage talks about David's mighty men, who did extraordinary things for God. The church needs people who love God with an extraordinary passion and are willing to do extraordinary things for Him. Just like David had a group of extraordinary men who accompanied him in his battles and struggles, the church needs an army of brave men and women who will fight against the devil and advance the Kingdom of God. These brave people have an extraordinary heart and love for God, and God uses them in times of crisis and need. We should strive to be one of these people so that God can count on us in moments of trial and need.

The sermon discusses the importance of being a strong and courageous person who loves God passionately and is willing to do extraordinary things for Him. The speaker uses the example of three brave men who risked their lives to fetch water from a well for their leader, David. These men wanted to do something that would please their king's heart, and their gesture touched David's heart in a special way. The speaker encourages people to live an extravagant life for God and to give the Lord the best, always preferring Him and doing things that please Him. He emphasizes that God blesses those who love Him in an extraordinary way and are willing to take risks for Him. The sermon concludes with a prayer for the congregation to become brave men and women who take seriously the Kingdom of God and love the Lord above all things, giving everything to Him.

Father, I pray that our presence here today will bring a blessing to the congregation. I offer this service as a sacrifice to you and ask that it impacts and changes our church for your glory. We pour out water from the well of Bethlehem as a symbol of our sacrifice and ask for your blessing on this town.

We are going to read a passage that talks about David's mighty men. I was thinking about that this morning, Lord. So I wanted to make space between the series that I am preaching about the life of success, etc., but that occurred to me, right? You are here this morning and many times extraordinary situations require extraordinary people, extraordinary gestures of faith and the Kingdom of God has always advanced based on extraordinary people, people who did extraordinary and different and unexpected acts.

The church will always need people, let's say ordinary, who love God and serve him in a normal way, but also the Bible generally points to people who did extraordinary things, and Those extraordinary, heroic people are the people who bless the Kingdom of God. In times of need, in times of emergency, of urgency, people are needed with an extraordinary heart, with an extraordinary passion for God.

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